Cost to rewire & put in a breaker panel in an apartment?

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Posted by: from Oshawa
3/4/2015 at 6:19:59 PM

I have one fuse for 2 bedrooms, living room & dining room, about 15 plugs.

What is the cost to rewire and put in a breaker panel?

Only looking for cost right now.


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Date/Time3/4/2015 at 7:10:30 PM

It truly depends on the size of new panel that is required and also if anything needs to be upgraded or replaced. Your best bet is to have someone out to look at it and give you a quote.

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Robert from Electrilight Ltd. in Oakville
Date/Time3/4/2015 at 7:32:49 PM

Probably requires a visit from a local Electrical contractor registered with the ESA to come and offer a proper quote. Too many variables to ballpark easily. Panel in apartments can run $800-$1500. New circuit feeds could be $500-1500, plus repairs.

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George from Petrina Electric in Smithville
Date/Time3/4/2015 at 7:38:03 PM

These are 2 separate issues. I am assuming you have a panel with fuses and want to upgrade to a panel with breakers? There is a few questions that need to be addressed before hand.

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Date/Time3/4/2015 at 7:51:59 PM

Hello Clare

My compatriots are correct... you have to remember that asking a question like that is the equivalent of asking a car salesmen "How much does a car cost?" There are so many different options and variables it is impossible to even begin to suggest an amount except to say some basic number that will likely be on either end of the realistic scale.

Be wary of any Electrical Contractor (EC) that will quote you over the phone with out a site visit. Talk to at least ECs to give you an estimate of the work. Once you select one that you think is good, make sure they have an ESA number and you get a copy of the permit and inspection report.


John Kuehnl-Cadwell

Master Electrician

Datawise Solutions Inc

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Date/Time3/4/2015 at 7:52:23 PM

Would have to have a look at the situation and panel to make a proper assessment.

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