Costing of an elevated free-standing deck

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Posted by: from Maple Ridge, British Columbia
7/25/2016 at 1:53:36 AM

I am considering having a deck built - an elevated free-standing 'flush beam deck' that would start 1" away from the fronting on the existing long, narrow deck.

The existing deck is supported by 6x6 support posts and from outside post to outside post is 18' 8" across ... so hopefully the new deck can be built to the same width, running parallel to existing deck (there can't be any more support posts in center area because it would block entrance to garage).

With the 4 concrete bases and a 'saddle' holding each 6x6" support post ...

if using doubled-up lumber that rests (from both directions) on the support post and is connected with those heavy duty 'joiners' from beams to post ... is doubled up 2 x 12" lumber strong enough, I hope. Or perhaps it should be 3 of them joined together?

And I'd like the deck to extend out towards the rear lane about 10 or 12' (leaves over 20 feet of driveway between it and the lane).

Because of costs, ground-contact pressure treated wood would be used throughout (only the exterior girders(?) and support posts will be stained and the remainder of the lumber won't be - and hopefully cedar for the decking.

Perhaps the biggest 'problem' is there is no stairs leading down from existing elevated deck to the back yard - and to me, steps would be vital.

I thought a landing level with the deck ... 3 steps down to another landing and then 9 steps in reverse (heading back towards the house) would work (the back yard isn't huge and it would be a shame to have the stairs 'take over' the entire yard - gentle smile).

A friend, who knows a great deal more about things like this than I do, thought my idea would cost about $35,000 plus I'd never get a Permit for a 'free standing deck' versus one attached - eep!

If this is true, I certainly won't bother a contractor as that price range simply isn't possible for me so I'd appreciate any advice.

Thank you so much,


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Dave from Crown Choice in Nanaimo
Date/Time7/25/2016 at 11:53:20 AM

That does seem a bit high although spanning almost 19' can drive costs up considerably. Can you provide a rough sketch and a picture of what you are intending to do?

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Mara in Maple Ridge, British Columbia
Date/Time7/26/2016 at 1:51:16 PM

Hello Dave, and thank you so much for responding.

I appreciate you asking about a drawing as while I do have one, suspect it needs to be revised (size).

Thank you again for your reply and your words, "a bit high" re the costs gives me hope - especially if I adjust the drawing to a smaller one, etc.


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Mara in Maple Ridge, British Columbia
Date/Time7/26/2016 at 2:20:59 PM

Perhaps I've been 'over-thinking' things, as our friend suggested ... but while I don't for a moment think I know a single thing about construction, I have read all the articles here on TrustedPros and truly thought it would make a contractor's life 'easier' if he or she knew at least what I'd had in mind for the deck.

These drawings are intended simply as an idea - not as to what 'should' be built ...

And I suspect it's the 'footings' that are going to cost the most, Dave? (Four footings for the deck and four for a landing for stairs coming off it).

Would you be kind enough to take a look at them, please?

Thank you again, Dave.

Costing of an elevated free-standing deck

Costing of an elevated free-standing deck

Costing of an elevated free-standing deck

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