Cracks in parging

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Posted by: from Innisfil
12/19/2017 at 1:36:55 PM

I noticed this morning that there are some small cracks in the parging around my garage door. The house was built in 2015. I wasn't concerned until I noticed that one of the cracks seems to extend up into the edge of the brick (see picture). Is this cause for concern?

Cracks in parging
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Date/Time12/19/2017 at 3:25:51 PM

Hi Scott

If your house is only 3 years old. This should

be covered my your warranty you signed. By looking at the photo you attached , it almost

looks like the parging is at the same level as the brick. This is a No No ,the brick must always stick out farther then the parging

( This is for proper water & ice run off)

unless it sits on a large heavy flashing. There also must be weeping holes ( a little space between the bottom bricks where the mortar joint is. If there is no weeping holes

( should be approx. every 6 -7' ) or at least one in the brick space between 2 garage

doors. This allows any moisture build up behind your wall to expel through the weeping hole. If none is there, any moisture behind your wall will freeze behind the brick and or behind the parging. this and the fact that your houst is so new ,it is still settling.

Insure that all your downspouts are nowhere near this area.

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Steve from SJD Contractors in Newmarket
Date/Time12/19/2017 at 3:46:12 PM

No cause to worry. It is very common. Builders tend to slap parging on with very little prep work and use a cheap slurry.

Simply chip off the loose stuff using a hammer n cold chisel. Purchase some parging mix and bonding agent from your local supply store ( home depot). Brush the clean area with bonding agent( glue) then apply mixed parging with a margin trowel then wet brush to finish. You can also add a bit off bonding agent with water to the mix to make it even stronger. Total cost is less than $25.

Hope this helps. Wait for spring weather above 7 degree celcius.

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Date/Time12/20/2017 at 2:15:20 AM

Any crack is a sign of negativity, The sooner you take care of it the less severe it will become.



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