Current water leakage with ''odd'' cause - (detailed introduction)

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Posted by: from Deseronto
3/3/2017 at 12:37:49 PM

Hello everyone sorry for the Vague Title.

Currently having problems after just getting new flooring laid down throughout the first floor (literally the day after it was finished). We put in a new Linoleum over top of the old right in the Kitchen where the leakage is occurring...

First off I suspect the problem is potentially from a slight Slab-on-Grade damage (crack) alongside recent heavy rain/melting snow and the property being on ''Poor Drainage - Dark Grey Lesolic Soil''...

The symptoms are currently that there is approximately 2 inches of water seepage into Ground Sitting Cabinet Supports (Wood, Plywood, etc.), and is draining under the new Linoleum but not under the old Linoleum - AND - The water seepage seems to only come/display itself early morning (4/5 to 6 AM). Also there is no significant moisture level in the Drywall, Insulation, Wood Working (largely 2x4 centres), etc. BEYOND the 1 to 2 inches of soakage at the bottom...

After noticing the problem a few days ago we have since put in a Big-O section of pipe to stem future rain from reaching the house on the North Facing side of the house which faces an Up-Hill Slope (The whole second of land drain downwards into a ''generally mild Creek, but with much water it is currently a wide flowing river)...

My questions are therefore:

- Despite the increasing levels of water each morning, is it likely that when the water does drain away underneath we should expect no more symptoms (leakage) - Especially given the addition of a Big-O on the problematic side of the house?

- And for the Linoleum on Linoleum, should the top layer be removed or can it simply be propped up on certain ends (they are interlocking stick pieces) to allow drying away of the water between the layers.


- Pictures Can be Added upon request.

- Also we're about to dig up the ''Outgoing Line'' to the Septic Bed as all current overflows into the house stem along that drainage pipe.

So a final question is simply: Any thoughts, comments, further questions, or ideas.

Thanks thanks!

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Date/Time3/3/2017 at 6:23:47 PM

Sorry to hear about your issues. Its always difficult to diagnose a problem and I hope I read this right and this is in the basement and not the main floor.

First - Get the water out with a submersible pump, towels, squeegee to the drain, Wet/Dry shopvac pretty much whatever works.

Second - check outside and look at the slope of dirt to your house, eaves and downspouts are pointed away from the house. If you have a sump pump make sure its working, if you do not have one, on that side of the house it could be the grading draining all the water against the foundation and even if there is no crack it can find its way in from between the slab and footing if the pressure of the water above it is great enough.

Third - get some fans and heaters down there so you can dry it right out and leave them on long after you cant feel the moisture in the room as it will still take time to dry where you cant see.

If it is linoleum it would of been glued down so not sure on that generally linoleum can weather a smaller flood but if its lifting you wont have a choice than to pull it up.

I will follow the post and look on for pictures and hopefully that can detail the problem.

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