Designer not finishing renovation

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Posted by: from Toronto
9/10/2015 at 8:39:46 PM


Any feedback would be great on how to's:

We finished the majority of our renovation. Little fixes kept popping up before the last "extras payment" as the designer calls it. We have been sending pictures and lists of things to finish. We got a response a few days later and then one day we were told "everything is going to be done on this day, make sure you have the last extras payment ready at the end

of the day". We got the last extras pdf statement sent to us with the extras billing. She had added an arbitrary 3rd page of new items that were not included before "9gs + worth". We questioned and refused to pay it. She replied with "okay, I will remove the 3rd page and you pay the 1st and 2nd page but we agree you do not come back to me for damages, etc. to the house.

She was referring to the below:

The contractors hired ruined a portion of the front lawn.

They stole the original microwave and chandelier in the house.

They dumped paint at the side of the house.

They did not install the sliding screen door back in the house. I did it.

They did not fix the concrete step in the rear of the house. I did it.

Paint was left on the floors for at least 2 weeks after the house was painted. I cleaned the majority myself.

The 3'x5' window in the kitchen was broken and nobody wants to take responsibility.

I asked the designer to fix the family room plastering. There is an obvious vertical line from the base of the floor to ceiling.

She replied "it is not in your contract" I looked at the original contract and it states we are covered for plastering in the family room.

The designer put a charge on the extras billing pdf for sub flooring. I looked at the original contract and we were covered for sub flooring in our original contract all of the which was paid for upfront.

The designer put another charge in the extras pdf for pot lights. I looked at the original contract and we pre paid for the pot lights in that particular area.

The designer installed the master bath vanity without scribing the vanity. They just removed the base moulding and shoved the vanity up against the wall. It is completely exposed underneath and unpainted.

The designer had us pay for light fixtures in the house. I looked at the contract and we were covered for fixtures in our original contract and pre paid for it.

We overpaid on the entire bill and it was not included as credit towards the "extras". I just located the designers own handwritten document stating this credit was to go towards the "extras".

We pre paid in the original contract to the have the basement painted. No $ sum was dedicated towards the cost.

The contractor stated to us on site that it would cost a certain amount and we said no do not do it.

We were not made aware that we already paid for this in our original contract.

We were asking for a credit and the designer wants to provide half of what the contractor said it would cost.

A timer was to be installed in the master bath for the fan. There is no timer.

Various pot lights were pre paid for and a smaller amount of pot lights were installed but no credit was provided.

What to do? We would like to have our home finished properly as per the contract.

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B. Vince from BVM Contracting in Toronto
Date/Time9/11/2015 at 8:05:52 AM

If you haven't paid the final draw, don't. Get a punch list together for your designer to complete what was originally promised and to your satisfaction. Keep a record and photographs of these items in case you need to take her to small claims court.

You can also lodge a complaint with the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services: which should detail how you paid for items and her trying to charge them again as "extras". Make sure all your paperwork and notes are in order and

Good Luck.

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Robert from Electrilight Ltd. in Oakville
Date/Time9/11/2015 at 4:51:00 PM

Due Diligence and a tight contract with guide lines and signatures, when all else fails, lawyers may be needed to help.

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Wayne in Mississauga
Date/Time9/15/2015 at 9:15:38 PM

Renovations are a messy. Not just the dust and debris, but the risk for both the contractor and owner. Contracts should be as detailed as possible to inhibit such circumstances. However, no contract ever satisfies all the things that go on in a renovation project. At times the contractor misses things and often owners try to add things at no extra charge or want reimbursement for every little thing. This is why a contingency fund should be included in any renovation more than 25K.

Sometimes a third party mediation can help to finish a closeout list.

Do not go to lawyers. That never works.

Both contractor and owner must be honest and work towards an agreement before proceeding. Neither side should nickle and dime the other. Life does not fair well for these types of people.

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Praveen in Toronto
Date/Time9/16/2015 at 8:17:17 PM

So the guy who referred us to the designer is reviewing both contracts.

Letting a neutral party decide.

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