Disadvantages Of Fixing A Finished Basement Leak From The Inside Instead Of The Outside

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Posted by: from Oshawa
3/18/2020 at 4:44:13 PM

What are the disadvantages of fixing a basement leak from the inside instead of the outside especially if selling the house in a couple of years?(aside from the cost factor) ...


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Date/Time3/19/2020 at 12:03:17 AM

I recommend crackmasters or any other reputable trusted Pro Concrete contractor in your local area. Repairing it from the inside saves you a lot of time money and labour and can be guaranteed.

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Date/Time3/19/2020 at 12:05:47 AM

Cost efficiency it all depends indoor or outdoor.If we dig from the inside depending on if the sub pump needs to be placed in existing or not weeping tile needs to be replaced as lots of factors.Outside what is around the exterior of the home Concrete Interlock or is it just grass that's the question how far down does the weeping tile is there anywhere in town when was the house built that's the question there's a lot of factors that go into factoring out a price on Waterproofing.

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Date/Time3/22/2020 at 2:54:16 PM

Only one huge WILL happen again. I'm sure there are companies that provide short term guarantees / warranties (1- 10yrs) but the ONLY long term fix is from the outside.

Full disclosure is required at the time of sale. If you plan on selling, get the guarantee / warranty transferable.

Best of luck.

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Date/Time3/30/2020 at 5:27:55 PM

I have had two basements waterproofed over the years and have determined the best approach is the exterior method.

I am not a basement contractor, so I have no sales pitch to offer. In my simple thinking, the intent is to manage the water from entering the building envelope; if you allow the water to penetrate the basement walls, then you are managing the water inside the conditioned space.

If the building design was intended to manage the water on the inside of the envelope, then we would not require damp-proofing or any sort of protection in home construction. Keep the water outside of your home straight and simple.

Just my thoughts


J.L. Kuehnl-Cadwell, CD, ME

Master Electrician

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