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Posted by: from Ajax
2/6/2013 at 7:46:48 PM

I am interested in renovating my basement as well as 2 of my friends in my neighbourhood. We were thinking of approaching one basement contractor whom we all like to finish our basements as we all need to maximize our living space. We are interested in approaching one contractor to do ALL the work in exchange to get a discount off the price since we are ALL closing the deal with this one renovation company.

Some questions to all contractors so I know how to approach a contractor in my local area...

1. Are you willing to give a group buy discount on your labour costs if you were guaranteed to close 2-3 basement renovation deals at the same time? If yes, how much of a discount? If no, why not?

2. Would you be willing to give a group discount on material costs if you were guaranteed to close 2-3 basement renovation deals at the same time? If yes, how much of a discount? If no, why not?

3. How much of a discount (ie % or dollar amount discount) are you willing to give if it was for example a $40,000 basement renovation project?

4. How do you recommend I approach potential contractors who may be interested in entertaining such a offer (ie close 3 basement renovation deals in exchange for a discount off price)

I appreciate your input on my inquiry



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Date/Time2/6/2013 at 8:31:34 PM

Hi Cindee,

My suggestion would be this...

1.) Donnot approach a contractor how you wrote this e-mail.... Quality should be your number one priority, and I can guarantee you will not be getting the better quality contractors if you approach them with the same way you wrote that post.

2.) Begin by posting your project on handy Canadian website and talk to local contractors. Then get a quote on your basement and determine a price on the project regardless of the other basement suites.

3.) Then let the contractor know that if he can reduce the price further, you can get guarantee him the other jobs.

I would not expect to get a greater discount than maybe 5% for providing the three suites.

i.e.: 40,000$ jobx5% = 2,000$ discount x 3 suites =6000 total savings!!

Good Luck!

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