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Posted by: from Montreal
4/29/2011 at 5:15:45 PM

All answers are greatly appreciated!

I would like to know if a space any less than 24" wide is acceptable as an opening for standard dishwashers. Would the space have to be 24" wide all the way to back against the wall too (for the back of the dishwasher); for example if there is a bar or small pipe in the way at the top at the back?

Also, what is your opinion of having a dishwasher next to an oven? Does there have to be a barrier between the two? What type of barrier? Are there any safety regulations regarding this type of setup?

Thank you

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Date/Time4/30/2011 at 7:18:57 AM

The majority of dishwashers fit a standard 24" cabinet space. There are some that can fit into an 18" cabinet space as well. Regading amount of space available behind the unit, much will depend upon the actual size of the unit, however, most do not go all the way to the wall as the attachment is typically up front. Side cables are installed for sound suppression and some manufactures require them for appliance fit. The real issue is being able to connect the dishwasher to a water supply and drain. Dishwashers are typically installed close to the sink for this reason as well as for loading purposes as some people prefer to rinse before loading.


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Glenn Rosborough

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Date/Time4/30/2011 at 3:31:04 PM

Most dishwashers have an insulation blanket over them so the more room the merrier. As for a barrier beside the stove- any cabinet manufacturer or lumber yard will provide you with a gable end- this would attach to the bottom of the counter top & angle bracets to the floor. This would keep any crap from the stove getting into/onto the dishwasher. Lastly, if the space behind the dishwasher were free and clear, it would make for a better install- something in the way may make it more difficult to get the washer in place- and don't forget there will be a water feed, drain hose & electrical sharing the space beneath & behind the washer.

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Line in Montreal
Date/Time5/4/2011 at 9:03:30 AM

Thank you so much, both of you for your replies. I realize though, that I should have posted more info specifically relating to my situation. I posted a new line: "Dishwasher space? - with more info and pic", if you would have the time to take a look.

Thank you again very much!

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