Dishwasher - questions about installing in an old house

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Posted by: from Calgary
1/12/2017 at 1:10:21 AM

Hi there,

I would like to have a dishwasher installed in my 1950s house in Calgary. There is no existing dishwasher. I am not sure of the steps I need to take to do this, or the order in which to take them.

I have 18.5 inches to work with (at the end of my counter) adjacent to the sink. I am not sure I have capacity on my electrical panel. When my sink was installed, a dishwasher drain was roughed in.

Do I get a dishwasher installer to come in and assess whether I have enough room for a compact dishwasher (18"), and then get an electrician to assess/address my electrical needs? Do I need a plumber at some point, or does the dishwasher installer take care of this? I am not sure who to call first.

Thanks for your help.


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Date/Time1/12/2017 at 3:06:49 PM

Hello Alice,

Thank you for contacting us for your dishwasher needs. In order to have a proper installation, the dishwasher must have the following: 1. A grounded electrical supply,some dishwashers have an actual plug, which will require an outlet. Others require to be hardwired in - does not require an electrician if the line is present, an appliance repair technican can connect the power.

2. A drain connection must exist to your sink drain in order to connect the drain hose of your dishwasher - an appliance repair technician will be able to connect it as well if it exists.

3. A water line connection is the last requirement to have, with a proper shut off valve for the water for emergencies.

If any of the abpve are not present, a plumber or electrician will be required pre installation in order to proceed with the installation.

Further cautions you should note when installing:

Do not run drain lines, water lines or electrical wiring where they can interfere with or contact dishwasher motor or legs. The location where the dishwasher will be installed must provide clearance between motor and flooring, the motor should not touch the floor. Do not install dishwasher over carpeted flooring. Make sure that the dishwasher is properly leveled when installed - improper leveling can cause leaking and damage to components within the dishwasher.

If you do have any further questions please feel free to ask, and we will respond within a reasonable time.

Hope we were of help,

Man With a Wrench team

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