Dishwasher space? - with more info and pic

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Posted by: from Montreal
5/2/2011 at 10:03:43 PM

Hi, I wrote before but I dont think that I was specific enough - here are some pics too...

A space for a STANDARD dishwasher was supposed to be put into my kitchen and this is what was done. Has it been done right? In picture 1.) The space opening is 23 3/8" wide. You can see the plumbing inside the cabinet (pic 3.)), which is attached to the sink plumbing one cabinet over. The wiring is just open-ended wiring (that I tucked into the hole so that they wouldnt be out in the open)

They came back to make an "adjustment" because I pointed out that the space should be 24" wide for a standard dishwasher to fit (as I had been told since by various places).

They removed the white board on the left that was against the oven (pic 1.)) and screwed in a steel L-bracket (pic 4.)). The space is now 24" without the board but there is no barrier or space between the dishwasher and the oven and there is nothing to really hold up the counter. Is this bracket sufficient? Will the diagonal brace prevent a dishwasher from fitting into the space? What about the dishwasher being right up against the oven??

Thank you for any replies!!

dishwasher space? - with more info and pic
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Skystone Decorating & Design in Surrey
Date/Time5/10/2011 at 6:08:40 PM

Sorry to see this - Who designed this kitchen?

Yes standard Design is 24" The design program would have indicated an error. Or is this an installer issue? We send specs for all our Clients Appliances new or existing to make sure. There are a few oversized dishwashers as well 30" Drawings or plans should have had measurements.

Dishwasher should also be by the sink for plumbing reasons for dishwasher to work properly. Not sure where it is in the photos. It looks like it is in other area of the L shape. New Home I bought actually has this & plumber I work with actually told me it was not dishwasher but distance from sink. I Have had confirmation from my Appliance Co. as well. Dishwasher is not normally located by a Range in any kitchen I have ever seen or designed. Nothing technically wrong with it. The Gable ( wall) removed will make it much louder. Not to mention how it would look if you ever sell Another reasons for Gable. Looks tight with the Range thats in.


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Line in Montreal
Date/Time5/10/2011 at 8:51:01 PM

The kitchen was a remodel in an old building that was done without my involvement, prior to my purchasing it. The dishwasher was an afterthought (I wanted one) and the vendor said he would take care of making a proper space. Since the kitchen is very small, there was no other place to put it other than where you see in the pictures.

Yes, that is the sink in the other area of the L shape and there has been plumbing attached to it. The piping runs through the cabinets and access to the dishwasher is through those two little holes on the side of the cabinet (that you can see in the top right photo).

I agree that a gable next to the stove is important. What do you suggest as a solution to this situation? The existing space, without a gable, is 24'' exactly.

Thank you!!!

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Skystone Decorating & Design in Surrey
Date/Time5/14/2011 at 2:52:20 PM

The dishwasher placement means it will not function @ its best. So when dishes do not clean as advertised by Co. that is why.

A portable would be better option here but counter etc are in so switching out for cabinet would be more work.

The only thing I can see is a Stainless Panel ( thinner) I have seen these in an all stainless kitchen cabinets & all at show home.

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