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Posted by: from Delhi
2/9/2011 at 2:02:53 PM

We had a new driveway done at our home in Delhi. After the first rain fall we experienced several birdbaths (low spots) in the driveway. We called the contractor and he looked at it and said he would patch the low spots. We told him we just got rid of a patched driveway. He has refused to come up with a real fix. What can we do to have it fixed. Thank you Thomas

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Date/Time2/9/2011 at 4:40:53 PM

It sounds like the base of the driveway was not thick enough, the base wasnt compacted enough or the top wasnt compacted enough. This is assuming that the driveway is Asphalt.

to fix this without patch work quilt on your driveway you have to remove the entire thing and do it correctly .

if you are parking large vehicles on top of the ashphalt then you need to have a good base of 8" or more of crusher run or some type of compactable stone. This needs to be compacted extensively. I recommend putting the stone in place, packing it down with some type of large compactor then leaving it for a couple of months so you can drive over it with your vehicle.

Once this is done then they can come back and do a light grading and recompact the top then lay a minimum of 3" of asphalt on top.

Hope this helps out.

The trick here is to make sure there is a good solid base. as well do not over dig the dirt. if you undermine the base by loosening the ground below the stone you MUST repack the dirt before adding the stone.

you can fix the dents in the asphalt by cutting the trouble spots, removeing the asphalt adding stone and repack then put back the asphalt but you will see the fix although it will be solid.

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Metro Ontario Contractors inc in Maple
Date/Time2/9/2011 at 4:44:43 PM

problem may be that the driveway was not compouded enough.or there is not enough ashfalt in that area.also contractor may think that you drove on it to soon.the only fix i can say is to put another layer on top.also on very hot days ashfault could form a tire indent.

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Mission Valley Home Renovations Ltd. in Mission
Date/Time2/10/2011 at 1:26:49 AM

I'm going to assume from what I've read above, that there wasn't enough weight or heat when it was install, which would create hills and valleys, the only way to repair without future problems is to resurface over what is there now, or tear it all out and start over.

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Projects By C 7 S in Aurora
Date/Time2/20/2011 at 7:05:17 AM

The only way to repair the driveway now without patching it again , is to re-do it. Obviously, not enough gravel was installed and a thin layer of aspalt was placed. You only need 2" compacted hot asphalt over 6-8 inches crushed stone to get a good job done.

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