Enclosing the deck, or, building three walls and a roof

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Posted by: from Edmonton
5/8/2016 at 10:24:00 AM

I have a deck, about 12' X 18', I like to make it mosquito proof and more comfortable. I am thinking I can put a roof on it, with three framed walls and lots of windows.

The deck has a good fondation, and framed well. I am thinking I can slope the roof and the end of the fascia on the house, but the height when it get to the edge of the deck is low. I need to change the pitch, (not match the house). The house is 3.5:12 and I figure I will have like a 2:12. Will a 2:12 be okay for Edmonton, CA weather? (<-First question)

All these calculations I make have so many variables, drives me crazy. Biggest for me is how big of a ridge beam do I need? (<-second question) Then comes the end wall, how big of a load point beam do I need? (<-third question). Finally, how big should the rafters be? (<-fourth question) There will be one load post in the middle of the 18', so the beam will be supported at 9'.

I did a sketch of the basic side view, and another of what I think I want.

I want to figure out as much as possible before spending so much money on a permit. With more information I can calculate the cost as well.

Can you help me?

Enclosing the deck, or, building three walls and a roof
Enclosing the deck, or, building three walls and a roof
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John in Edmonton
Date/Time5/15/2016 at 11:39:31 AM

Well I have to go with the roof pitch I have, so that answers that question. The ridge beam, I decided to use a 2x8 doubled up, and use a 4x4 post for the load post. A doubled 2x4 header will have to work for the wall. The rafters are less than 12 feet, so I will go with 2x6 on 16" center. Then I can use 3/8 spruce plywood. I haven't decided on the best shingles, might have to with roll, cause 2:12 is minimum.

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