Estimated cost of deck project?

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Posted by: from Revelstoke
5/12/2018 at 11:09:22 PM


I have a deck project concept that involves converting a portion of my carport roof into a treated wood deck with glass railings... It would be a 12' x 9' ; 108 square foot deck with 21 feet of railing. Access would be by converting a window in my master suite into a larger glass sliding door. 2 corners of the this part of the carport connect to the main house structure, while the other 2 are supported by 4"x 6" posts... drainage is pretty good and water drains away/down from this location to two existing drains at the opposite end of the carport... I had a a very basic range dollar estimate but the price seemed very high to me. What would be the average cost of a project like this?

If it's too expensive I may just end up doing the deck portion myself. The window to sliding door I would certainly need someone.

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Date/Time5/13/2018 at 7:40:20 AM

Very difficult to estimate without a first-hand look.

Just want to talk about some potential technicalities to consider:

there is a potential roadblock for a development permit if there are compromising views into a neighbors yard,

the flat roofing material may not be an acceptable product for foot traffic (i.e. torch-on),

attaching the railings may pose a technical difficulty (compromising the roof membrane or posing other connection difficulties),

recently introduced to the Code is Table 'Specified Loads for Guards' which describes resistance to various Horizontal and Vertical forces on guards (too lengthy to rewrite) and

the steps (if any) need to comply to Code regarding riser height (no more than 8").

Just a few things to consider if you haven't already.

Ian Derksen Safety Codes Officer - Building

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Date/Time5/13/2018 at 10:16:35 AM

To add to the first response on technical difficulties.

One major issue you're going to run into is structure. A carport roof will not ha e been built structurally to bear the weight of people on it as a deck.

Before you get into pricing, you'll have to make sure you can even do what you're hoping to do without tearing the existing structure down and rebuilding.

You're also going to need permits, which will require engineered drawings, this step will tell you if you can proceed as you're attempting to.

If, you've already done these steps, then pricing is fairly straightforward. For general purpose use, install an app on your phone/tablet called DeWalt Mobile Pro. It has many calculators in it and will assist you on determining material qualntities you can then price out.

Without a site visit, it will be very difficult to get an accurate price from a contractor.

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Kulharin in Revelstoke
Date/Time5/13/2018 at 12:07:35 PM

I've sent a note to the city asking to assess the project for any potential problems that may hinder a permit. And I had an engineer do an initial visit to discuss the project and view the structure; we have yet to move forward with a detailed assessment for what, if any improvements are needed.

There would be no issue with the deck looking into the neighbors yard. I'd be surprised if there were weight/stability issues. All roofs in Revelstoke need to be built to handle excessive snow load. This year we had between 4-5 feet of high density snow piled up, which is above average. The roofs need to be able to support foot traffic to shovel them off; which I did twice this winter although there were some in the neighborhood that did not shovel at all and I'm not aware of any roofs that failed under the snow load this year.

If the deck is tricky to get a ball park figure, what about and estimate of the cost on converting the window into a larger sliding door. I might be able to get away with only increasing the vertical length although it may also require increasing the horizontal length of the existing window as well.

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John from Pisces Woodworks in Edmonton
Date/Time5/13/2018 at 1:14:54 PM

$25/sqft. for materials and build the deck portion if wood deck, the rails should be $60/ft. all inclusive for aluminum/glass rails, $1200 labor + door/materials for door conversion....if vinyl covering on deck floor then add $1200 for proper materials/application to aforementioned. This is average cost for a good professional, you will get what you pay for!! need to consider other items: beams sufficient to support weight?, ledger to house good and flashed?..permits: typically you should pull a permit but if existing carport is illegal or not to compliance then you may have to upgrade or tear down and rebuild all new so keep in mind..but if you do not plan on selling then who cares?...a little 100 sqft. deck is no big deal just make sure whoever does it build it to codes and substructure is safe so you don't get a headache later on if you do sell one day. Permits guarantee a good contractor usually but not always, hiring chuck with a truck is always a risk.

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Kulharin in Revelstoke
Date/Time5/13/2018 at 1:25:56 PM

Ok thanks, so I'm guessing the guy on the phone who estimated $15,000 without seeing it is excessive? As that's more than double what I'd want to spend here. The carport is legal and the roof was replaced on it 5 years ago so it would be up to the heavy snow load code; again I doubt there is any stability issue... Even a corner section of my master suite attached to the carport is supported by one of the post beams.

As for (100 sqft. deck is no big deal) It's south/west facing with a beautiful view of mountains and glacier.

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Date/Time5/13/2018 at 5:52:19 PM

20000 - 40000 depnding on materials used.

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Kulharin in Revelstoke
Date/Time5/18/2018 at 1:18:52 PM

"20000 - 40000 depnding on materials used."

I'd rather pay that to see you punch yourself in the dick.

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