Filling gap to level between asbestos tiles

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Posted by: from Hamilton
12/13/2021 at 4:55:02 PM

I have several areas with small broken off pieces (mostly corners) of asbestos floor tile (the pieces have crumbled otherwise I would have just placed them back in like a jigsaw puzzle). I would like to just cover the entire floor with linoleum or peel and stick tiles.

What can I use to fill in those areas so that it will be level height with the rest of the area?

I wouldn't want any depressions to develop after the new flooring gets walked on over time.

Filling gap to level between asbestos tiles
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Date/Time12/13/2021 at 6:28:35 PM

First off, take cation when dealing with esbestos. Left alone, it's harmless, but once disturbed it become airborne causing major health risks.

That being said, your best course of action would be to pick up some Sika self lefeleing compound from your local hardware store. Once poured, it will fijd its own level. You can also shave it down to finish, but I wouldn't recommend it since the tiles are potentially asbestos.

Best of luck,

Marko Furlani

Urbanest Construction

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Dennis from Custom Touches in Winnipeg
Date/Time12/13/2021 at 7:56:20 PM

There are several options. One being the following.

Most importantly do not disturb the existing old tiles due to health concerns.

I would simply use floor patch where pieces are missing. Then lay 1/4 to 3/8 floor underlay (patch seams) so that you have a perfect floor with no chance of pattern transfer through your new flooring. Then lay your new flooring.

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Andy in Hamilton
Date/Time12/14/2021 at 11:54:03 AM

Thanks for the info. I'd just like to state I'm an older d.i.y. woman that only has basic construction knowledge and simple tools etc. Anyway, I have checked out Sika self-leveling compound. It looks to be like some sort of cement sold in pretty large quantities. I probably need less than one cup to fill the few areas to level! Is there anything else that you could recommend that may come in a smaller quantity or another product that could work. My end goal is just to fill the several small spots that will make it level with the existing tiles and stay solid so that I can lay the peel and stick tiles over top. I have attached a pic on here, but it doesn't appear, sorry

Filling gap to level between asbestos tiles
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Robert from ElecTriLight Ltd. in Oakville
Date/Time12/14/2021 at 6:18:29 PM

asbestos tiles are generally always 9x9

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Date/Time12/15/2021 at 8:19:25 PM

This stuff typically only contains 3-5% asbestos but it is toxic substance so try not to disturb too much and wear gloves & a respirator with right cartridge for 100% health safety. Once surface is flat fill all the gaps and entire floor surface if possible with a thin layer, floor leveling compound (any home depot). Then put plywood underlayment on top (1/4" to 1/2" depending on new flooring) and then new flooring ...code allows this as long as you do not disturb the asbestos products..this will be a long term solution..."do not put new flooring on the old asbestos tiles!"

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