Finishing basement in phases

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Posted by: from Windsor
8/20/2015 at 4:30:58 PM

Hi all,

I do have a question. I would like to finish my basement but I do not have much to finish the whole project. I would like to do it in phases as I get some extra cash. Is it something feasible?

Should I hire a general contractor or hire someone for each portion of the job like framing first then electrical, plumbing and so on as the project goes on? Is it going to cost me more if it is done in phases or not?

In case it can be done in phases, I was wondering if the work done by the framing guy for example will be good so the next one will not complain about anything done wrong by his predecessor?

Thank you for your help.

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Date/Time8/20/2015 at 7:44:14 PM


It is really your call. Personally, I would do it all at one time. Doing it in stages usually works out with an unfinished basement with things like ceiling, baseboards, paint, cupboards, etc. to be done. I would also suggest using one company rather than multiple. That way you eliminate the issues that you mentioned about one not liking the others work. Having said that, you're the boss and let whomever you hire know that! All contractors must meet building and safety codes so if you get the proper permits (yes, for development, plumbing and electrical) they will be inspected as part of the permit fee, and must meet code. If you aren't happy with the contractor you hire, you can always let them go (nicely) and hire another that you are comfortable with. Remember, most contractors intend on doing a good job because it's their reputation and your reference that make or breaks their business. Take your time and decide what you really want, do some research, and ask for references. You'

ll enjoy you basement especially if if is completed in one session ... from start to finish.



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Date/Time8/21/2015 at 3:13:04 AM

HI David,

I work with clients all the time that do projects in phases. Either they don't have it in their budget or can't deal with the disruption in their lives for too long of a period at one time.

I would recommend finding a contractor who could work with you on this type of a schedule. The main reason, they should have the experience so that nothing gets missed during the process that will cost you more later. It sure would cost a lot more to finish a wall, then tear it apart again to install cable or something. That's why if you don't have the experience to be the general contractor it would pay to have them direct traffic for you.

They could find ways of completing your main goals first and not miss the correct steps to completing your other tasks needed.

I have been in construction for 27 years and still I see the value to paying professionals for their services. I value designer input. I even pay landscape designers and find they bring value to the job. Even though I could probably manage with out them, their services are still of value to me.


Wayne Balliet

Project Manager

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