Framing basement concret wall.

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Posted by: from Dartmouth
2/19/2011 at 11:23:28 AM

My basement walls are gyprocked except for the foundation walls which are concrete. I am about to frame in the remaining concrete with 2x2s. My questions are around how to insulate and do I put up vapour barrier. Given that we have infloor heat is it ok to attach the bottom plate to the wall rather than the floor?

Thanks-you for any input!

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Christien from C.R. Stone Enterprises in Bolton Est
Date/Time2/19/2011 at 4:03:03 PM

Hi Brian, you're right to want to leave the floors alone, nothing should nailed or screwed in with the risk of creating a large problem. You could fasten the 2x2s to the wall, and if you're set on using 2x2s I would secure them at least every 24" for that matter because they will tend to warp and bow quite a bit with the fluctuating humidity in the basement. Using Tapcon screws will more than likely give you the best results. And yes, you will want a vapour retarder installed behind your wall, but be sure not insulate with any materials that are themselves vapour retarders because you'll create a sandwich between the two vapour retarders that will cause moisture to build up. This being said, 2" doesn't give you much room for insulation, so if you were thinking styrofoam, make sure you allow proper ventilation as not to create this dual vapour retarder. If you're still not sure about anything, your local hardware store should be able to provide you with the appropriate specs on products designed for your application. Good luck.

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Rod. from Artall R.M. in Toronto
Date/Time3/5/2011 at 1:34:05 AM

Hi Brian,

I would recommend framing walls as usually done, fastened to the floor, except DO NOT

use nails, or screws, but rather "PL Premium" glue, which is polyurethane. Be careful

not to over do it because of the cost, but more importantly, it will hold better if you just

squeeze "blobs" every 16".

It should not be moved 24 hours. After sill is firmly down, you can proceed with studs.

Good luck,

Rod. M.

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David in Toronto
Date/Time4/5/2011 at 9:22:21 AM

I would suggest Wallmate from Dow, this gives you insulation value, a vapour barrier, and a place to put your studs while maximizing space.

Additionally, in response to the fine gentleman that recommended "PL Premium for bonding wood to the concrete floors. This is a terrible idea. First off PL Premium is a rigid adhesive, wood expands and contracts in this environment, and the bond will break within months. Secondly, it is not a good idea to put blobs of adhesive particularily when the adhesive is ridgid, it's like creating a concrete skyscraper without any rebar, it will crakc and crumble when the earth moves.

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