Garage Concrete Error - Making the best of it.

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Posted by: from Calgary
8/19/2013 at 1:32:23 PM

I had an incorrect size garage poured by a contractor. After he was given a blueprint, land survey and plot plan for a 20X22 garage. We also outlined the pad in spray paint prior to pouring. He poured a 20X20 with a 2 foot apron instead of a 20X22 with a 2 foot apron. This leaves me no choice but to build on top of the apron so half the apron will be inside the garage - this apron has a 3.5 inch slope on one front side. The pad is level otherwise so the garage door will close fully and only has a drop on the one side. The pad is at least 6"inches thick in all areas.

What is the easiest way to deal with this? Can I frame overtop? Would it be worth it to redo the concrete at my expense?

I cannot build a smaller garage as my vehicle will not fit in a 20X20. I also cannot bring the concrete person back because of a legal matter.

garage concrete error - making the best of it.
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Date/Time8/19/2013 at 7:45:37 PM

In reality you should jack-hammer the whole slab out remove. Then reform and do another pour but that will be costly. So you can tie in to the excisting slab with a rotary hammer drill and insert rebar. Then reform the required two feet needed and do a new pour although you will not be able to hide the seam. After which you can prime the whole slab and skim cote with a levelling compound.

Keep in mind leveling compound is not intended for use as a wearing surface. May need an epoxy coating.

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S in Calgary
Date/Time8/24/2013 at 10:46:44 PM

Thanks Ken. You are correct about the whole slab removal. I had a few companies out and they say that garage pad is also not level from side to side and it has a 7% grade on the slope. My car would almost be sitting on a 30 degree angle. I also would need a curbwall. Overall, there are about 15 deficiencies with the current slab. The guy who did this has been called a "hack" and he didn't use proper forms . The concrete guy says he is correct and that he gave me a 20X22 pad. He insists that you order concrete based on the form size not garage size.

He says that I should have ordered a 20X24 pad because the apron is included in the measurements. This is stupid because I didn't ask for an apron. Love to hear what the concrete pros think.

It is sad that there are no standards or certifications for people to do this work. Anyone can open up a concrete business and people will build garages on shotty slabs. This guy targeted single women and senior citizen because he thinks they won't know what he is doing. Anyone who has seen my slab has been stunned.

I am out a lot of money, but I will still benefit from the equity a new garage brings. Paying for a new proper pad is still better than sitting in my house staring at bad concrete for the next 30 years.

Thanks for listening,


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