GFCI tripping out ceiling lights and fan

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Posted by: from Dorval
1/31/2020 at 11:29:53 AM

When I test trip a GFCI outlet in a bathroom, all lights and the fan go out. Is this allowed per the Canadian code?

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Date/Time1/31/2020 at 12:07:55 PM

Short answer no.

Long answer is that whomever did the work could have wired the plug wrong and is a simple fix. Unless someone fully look at the problem, the guess is the light and fan have been installed on the gfci side of the outlet and not the line side of the outlet.

However depending how old and what part of the country you are, there maybe still some other code violation. For a while now, bathroom gfci required a dedicated line. But since your fan and light is connected, it isn't dedicated anymore. There is exception to the rule.

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Date/Time1/31/2020 at 12:52:32 PM

Wrong wiring ,

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Date/Time1/31/2020 at 2:26:26 PM

OESC does not forbid this situation sadly (Ontario), although poor form. Bathrooms need not be on their own circuit. Circuits can have receptacles and lighting loads etc as long as the 12 device minimum is observed. Sadly, this is not unusual. Nothing in code saying that lighting and other equipment in your case that can't be on GFCI. You can take the remainder of the circuit off of the load side of the GFCI and connect to the line feed provided the GFCI does not serve another bathroom receptacle or anything else requiring GFCI. Best practice versus minimum code here.

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Date/Time2/8/2020 at 7:52:21 PM

It is interesting that those that answered did not ask for more information; Paul's answer is the most correct.

The quick answer is yes it is allowed; and in some cases it is required. Best practice is that the receptacles be dedicated circuit. In that case of the receptacles trips on overload or fault, it does not affect the lighting in the room. Having said that, there are conditions that may exist; mainly the distance of switches and fixtures to the edge of the bath tub / shower. If they fall within a specific zone, they need to be GFCI protected and will go out when tripped (unless on a different GFCI circuit).



J.L. Kuehnl-Cadwell, CD, ME

Master Electrician

Datawise Solutions Inc

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Date/Time2/9/2020 at 1:58:27 PM

Well stated John.

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