Gross rip off and incomplete work

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Posted by: from Richmond
6/22/2022 at 7:37:55 AM

Hi Trusted Pros. I was conned by a licensed and insured contractor. There was some damage to an entryway in my home. Every quote I got said that they could not give me an itemized bill because they could not tell how bad the damage was. Every contractor agreed to time and materials, but they were not able to start for a few weeks.

Then I found a guy who told me that he would give me a fixed price of $2000, which was a real bargain because he might have to replace the entire floor. He could start the next day. Since he couldn't match the tile, he used vinyl flooring and promised to make the repair look intentional . In the end the damage was very minor. Here is a video of what I got for $2000.

I have asked the contractor for money back, and he initially agreed. And then I never heard from him again. I filed a complaint with DPOR. They found that the contract was a violation of his license because it was not itemized. Had it been itemized, you would see maybe $200 in materials assuming the subfloor was extremely expensive. And then about $550 an hour for the three hours of labor.

I understand that I signed a contract that I was conned into signing. And there doesn't seem to be much I can do about that. But now this guy has a lawyer telling me I'm not allowed to contact him to fix this problem that I have been trying to get fixed since August 2021. Without even seeing it, I am being called a liar (bully tactic).

I am at a loss for what to do. I hired somebody who is licensed and insured, and he didn't complete the work and charged me for an entire new floor. And I am now being bullied by his lawyer telling me that I have no right to have him complete the work that I grossly overpaid for. If I am stuck with this dangerous floor because I signed a contract in good faith, I don't actually understand what it meant when I hired somebody who was licensed and insured.

Does anybody have any recommendations on what I can do other than paste my video and review all over social media? I appreciate any advice that a pro has. I am a single elderly woman with no family or anyone else to turn to. And every lawyer I have spoken with just shames me for being conned - which I feel bad enough about already. I feel very isolated and bullied, and am desperate for a solution.

Thank you!!

Gross rip off and incomplete work
Gross rip off and incomplete work
Gross rip off and incomplete work
Gross rip off and incomplete work
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Date/Time6/22/2022 at 10:32:06 AM


Honestly I am appalled by what this man did to your entry.

Easy solution would have been to tile the floor flush to your old tile. Get something similar to plank look as what you have but in tile.

Probably the job would cost 1200$ all in with subfloor fix just because we would have to come over 2 times plus cost of material and accessories.

At this point there is actually nothing you can do, since the cost of project is only 2000$, I've seen people get swindled for 20.000-50.000$ on flooring.

I'd say you got bad experience but your wasting more time chasing this guy than fixing this issue and just forgetting about it. Might sound harsh but that's the truth.


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Date/Time6/22/2022 at 10:50:32 PM

"fixed price of $2000, which was a real bargain because" ..these guys give us (Real Pro's) all a headache, you get what you pay for and hired a amateur..your job would be $$$ thousands more by a real Pro done right, lesson for next time. As its only 2 grand, "write it off", it will cost 3x that to sue the guy in court. Sorry this had to happen top you!..It is rampant since COVID and the market is flooded with fly-by-niters and people afraid to spend their money to hire the right people.

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