GTA - cost of brick v stucco

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Posted by: from Stouffville
1/7/2017 at 11:10:47 AM

Hello pros,

Hope you can help me clarify some of the info as google returned different and conflicting results.

We need to decide on the exterior on our new custom built, and I have following questions:

1) how does the cost compare for the two, many articles indicate brick is more expensive, and just as many indicate stucco, this is for a brand new built so I am asking about complete installation with all underlayers and so on.

2) are the stucco products used currently around GTA suitable for our climate, or the contractors are still using inferior products, which one is most suitable (acrylic v non and so on),

3) for brick, what determines the cost of installation apart from the cost of material ofcourse, for example bigger brick would imply less time to install and so on

4) is brick veneer commonly used for the whole house exterior? if yes is the cost savings worth it, what are the cons

5) and lastly what would be good place to check out the products in person, we are going with somewhat modern clean look so the exterior will have wood or wood like accents, possibly cement boards and such. York region show room would be best, but anywhere in the north part of GTA will work.

Thank you kindly for all help.

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Date/Time1/8/2017 at 11:54:10 AM

I am a Carpenter/General Contractor and have worked with many Masons. Yes Brick work

is much more expensive but if done correctly

is far Superior to stucco. The only real bad things to go wrong with brick work would be not enough brick ties and inferior

mortar mix.( This is very rare ) Stucco however (Looks better Only in my opinion) but many well installed factors have to come into play to make it just right.

Contact as many Large and Small Masons as you can Either through " TrustPros" The Better Business Bureau or the Chamber of Commerce. A lot of Masons however only do brick or block work and some only do Stucco

I would not go with any that claim to be good in both.

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