Hanging weight capacity of exterior brick wall?

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Posted by: from Hamilton
11/2/2016 at 10:35:24 AM

I plan to install a cover/awning above my front entrance door. The cover/awning is readily made, shown on following link.

You can see from the picture, this product is fixed on the exterior wall by two supporting brackets. The depth is 55 inch from the wall to the front edge. It weighs about 85 lb. My house is 10 years old and has brick exterior walls, My concern is if the bricks can be strong enough to hold this product?

Please see attached pictures.

Also, I checked that the weight of snow is about 15-20 lb per cubic feet. The top surface of this cover is 34 square feet. If even 0.5 foot of snow accumulates on the top, the snow would be weigh as 250-350 lb. Therefore, the total weight would be 350-450 lb with 0.5 foot snow on its top surface.

Do you think the brick wall can hold this weight? If it is possible a course of bricks could be pulled off from the wall?

Thank you so much in advance for all professional input.

Hanging weight capacity of exterior brick wall?
Hanging weight capacity of exterior brick wall?
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Date/Time11/2/2016 at 3:32:21 PM


There is no absolute answer.

If the brick is sound and you don't hammer the hell out of things, it should work fine.

Its specked at 31 lb sq ft.. simple math says around 900 pounds - the weigh of the unit. To ere on the side of caution 4 to 500 lb max weight or 6 to 8" of snow in your area (it gets wet in Hamilton)

Trick, us a small amount of thermal caulk, in the holes you drill to prevent water getting in and freezing. Outside silicon works to.

Hope this helped.

John Miller

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Date/Time11/2/2016 at 5:24:23 PM


Missed this.

If the second pic is your front entry, the ? may be mute.

This unit probably won't mount correctly.

John Miller

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