Hardwood floor nightmare

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Posted by: from Brantford
9/3/2012 at 1:53:03 PM

Hi all,

We hired a gentleman to sand 15 hundred square feet of our cherry floors & since there was maple underneath he put a finish over the maple. After he did them we paid him & then had to call him back due to clusters of bumps all over & 2 very distinct lines running down our living room.. These many clusters showed in all the entrance ways the worst.

He blamed my husband & said he walked on the floor too soon & caused them. It wasn't true. He told us we could go on them in 24 hours so we waited 24 hours. He charged us another 500.00 to come in & sand them & put another finish on. We had to call him back a send time due the clusters he just sanded down all over were now like fish eyes or polka dots all over the floor & more new bumps everywhere. The lines in the floor were still visable as well. We called him back & he lightly sanded again but this time there was fisheyes, clusters of bumps, lines & smears all over the livingroom.

We decided not to touch the bedrooms & hall again even though there were many clusters of bumps & mop marks. We called him back again to redue the livingroom. He did it yesterday & he was in a very bad mood when he arrived.

Well the livingroom looks worse then ever now & we know it needs to be sanded right down & totally redone. There are now clusters of bumps fisheyes & big splotches everywhere. This is a huge room & open concept which I imagine makes it difficult to do.

My question is what are we to expect from someone who refinishes a floor? I realize no one can ever get a perfect finsh, but just how many flaws are the norm? Also we need to bring someone else in to do the job next time & that is going to cost us big time again. Should we expct some kind of refund since he couldn't do the job?

I just want my home back again.

Thanks in advance.

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Date/Time9/5/2012 at 7:10:37 PM

Not sure what the cluster of bumps is, but the distinct lines are proabley sanding scratchs from the first sanding that didn't get sanded down on the second sanding. To get rid of those the floor would have to be sanded bare again. The fish eyes are caused by contamination (oil, grease, etc.) in the floor that is effecting the top coat.

You shouldn't expect to have any flaws in a refinished floor, the worst would be few dust specks that settle in the top coat before it's completely dry. Even if that's unacceptable to you, the room can be sealed off and a HEPA filter run in the room before hand. Now it's not normal to do and would add to the cost of the job, and you should ask for it beforehand.

As far as a refund, that is up to you and the contractor. By the sounds of it, your contractor is not able to fix the problems, so you are better of calling in someone else.

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Kerry from Tucks Contracting in Calgary
Date/Time9/18/2012 at 10:36:02 PM


It sounds as though the clusters maybe signs of an improperly cleaned floor before sealant application, normal small particles of sand will cause this, or a cheap applicator.

As for the lines, they could be scratches from the machine, there should be no marks what so ever, and if the floor was cleaned and inspected before the sealant was applied the lines would have been noted.

The fish eyes are from the surface not been taken down to the bare wood, there maybe contaminates on the floor from oil, or from the previous sealant not been removed. Also the previous floor may have had a oil based sealant, where as the newer products use a water base, thus the reaction would be bubbles or fish eyes.

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Conner in Brantford
Date/Time9/19/2012 at 11:05:08 AM

Thank you for your replies. We ended up hiring someone else to come in & redo our floors as the original man we hired would not return our calls or refund us any money back. We lost close to 4 thousand dollars & had to pay all over again. It was shoddy work indeed. The gentleman we hired the second time did say that it was junk in the finish. There wasn't one square foot that didn't contain this junk.

All the smears & lines were do to the finish he used^& the sloppy way it was applied. The fish eyes & cloudy spots were due to him sanding & putting finish over top.

We are very pleased with the results this other gentleman did & best of all, he said we did not have to pay until we were 100% happy with his results. The first genleman we hired took our money when the floors were still wet so we were unable to see the mess until after they dried.

I feel I should warn others about Daves Villiage flooring in Cambridge Ontario so they don't get taken like we did. Thanks you both for your replies.

Below is a picture of the state he left our floors in. Yes this is his finished product.

Hardwood floor nightmare
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Gaby from Amg Renovation in Hearst
Date/Time9/23/2012 at 2:11:26 PM


Now your saying why? because all bad Carpenters, Electricians and more makes the good guys looks bad, that's why clients hires more and more handyman to be less expensive but get stuck again in this problem, this ends up more expensive for the client and the good guy gets blame for the amount spent by the clients (To expensive) they all say, Get the good guy in first place you will see he is not expensive at the end.

Thanks for your time.


From Amg Renovation.

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Conner in Brantford
Date/Time9/23/2012 at 9:01:21 PM

I totally agree Gabby!!!!! How ever this guy was not that cheap. But he was the cheapest estimate we did get. He charged 260 a square foot.

I certainly wish we had of hired the other guys that charged 2.65 or 3.00 a square foot instead though - hindsight is 20 - 20.

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