Hardwood flooring 101

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Posted by: from Mississauga
2/13/2017 at 9:52:43 AM

I am looking to add hardwood floor to one bedroom. (105 sq fee). I am trying to understand hardwood floor options. What are the different type of option and price range?

I see Lowes has a sale now. Is lowes or a home depot a good place to buy Hardwood flooring? Are there discount locations? (I am located in Mississauga).

We did recently re-stain the living room hardwood floor and it came out great. We have bamboo in the basement also great.

Basically I am looking for Hardwood flooring explained.

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Date/Time2/14/2017 at 7:03:02 AM

Hi Dewy,

If you see some hardwood on sale that you like , you should grab it now. get at least 110 sq. ft. if not more so you or your installer can sort through it for the best pieces, and you will always have some extra for replacement later down the road if your floor should get damaged. Price can range from about $2.99 per sq. Ft. to at least $ 12.99 per. for exotic woods. The less expensive ones are usually called " ends" they are usually no longer then 2 ft. and some pieces will have some knots. The finish is usually still pretty good but its all personal taste. Staining and finishing is always best if its done on raw wood, once it is in place because it has time to penetrate well, but this full service is much more expensive than the prefinished stuff that you are probably looking at on sale. For the most part a existing hardwood floor can only be re-stained darker, never lighter.

Shop around for your installer, not every installer will install flooring they did not buy them selves. Baseboards and or Quarter round usually has to be adjusted and or re-installed after the floor is down, insure this is all done by the same people. If not doing it yourself, get a few prices.

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Matthew from Matt of All Trades in Kitchener
Date/Time2/14/2017 at 8:39:32 AM

I see around that there are two types of hardwoods.

Engineered hardwood and true hardwood.

True hardwood is just the species of wood milled to whatever size and thickness. True hardwoods are generally thicker. 3/4' and up.

solid wood pcs either stained or not. fairley expensive....start at a minimum 3 per sqft and installed on flat floors as there is not alot of flex.

Engineered hardwoods are basically plywood that have a finish on them. Still "real wood" unlike laminates for example, but are thin...1/4"a and up. Slightly cheaper that true hardwoods but the same to install. Engineered are more flexible. I have done work on a 100 year old home where the floor are wavy and these flex to the floor if not in the budget to redo the subfloor and such.

Hope that helps.

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Dewy in Mississauga
Date/Time2/14/2017 at 12:24:18 PM

Thank you guys for the replies. You guys have been very helpful. I really appreaciate it.

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