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Posted by: from Bowmanville
3/11/2021 at 2:26:10 PM

Is it more cost effective to get a general contractor or get different professionals (framing, foundation, etc.) for a job?


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Jeff from JTL Construction in Winnipeg
Date/Time3/11/2021 at 3:05:19 PM

You need someone in charge that knows how to take the job from start to finish the individual trades won't do that and you will find out in a hurry their is way more to an addition then calling individual trades

Home Additons
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Mohammad from Quality Potlight in North York
Date/Time3/11/2021 at 3:24:31 PM

Dear Kaisha from Bowmanville,

It's cheaper to hire individuals, but only if u have some knowledge about construction. I would suggest to make sure you have the time, to consult each company.


Quality Potlight

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Date/Time3/11/2021 at 3:36:53 PM

it is typically dependent on what your time frame is and how knowledgeable you are with a building process. there are many parts of any renovation that can become pricey if missed at a certain point of the construction. ideally if hiring a contractor you are looking at about a cost plus 30% in Canada. it is money well spent when you have someone knowledgeable, responsible and is insured. Always get a contract.

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Date/Time3/11/2021 at 9:32:57 PM

Just like everyone else has said. Find a good General contractor who can see the job thru from start to finish and they can bring in reputable subtrades. Your GC should have no problem pricing each aspect of the job and any subtrades in your contract price. Always find a good contractor and If it works out keep that relationship for the future.

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Date/Time3/12/2021 at 9:48:33 AM


We have done many additions,

Sub Contractors will charge a client more money dealing direct and make promises they won't keep. If you do not have control over your project then you will pay more. You need a General Contractor or a project manager to run your job.


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Dennis from Custom Touches in Winnipeg
Date/Time3/13/2021 at 10:22:26 AM

If you wish to take on another full time job then yes you could possibly save some money. However is the risk and time all worth it. A general contractor is set up to run with a project. He has qualified people which he normally works with over and over again. There is trust in their product and he over rides every step of the way giving you a professional end product. The general contractor has all of his insurance in place which protects everyone including the home owner.

Should the home owner decide to do his own project managing it will be very stressful as you do not know the quality of work. How do you trust that the work is done in a professional manner. What if the person hired gets into a disagreement with the home owner. You could then run into liens and the project being stalled.

Not worth the risk and head ache in my opinion. However, I am a general contractor. But those are the facts.

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