How can I build a drywall with a small doorway in a space like this?

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Posted by: from Glen Rock
2/12/2019 at 12:13:54 AM

I have this space in my attic that I made into a music studio. The problem is that it doesn't have very good acoustics due to the lack of a back wall. All I have for now is a curtain. My question is, how could I go about a DIY project of building some sort of wall here. It doesn't necessarily have to be drywall. Just any kind of wall that keeps sounds out and one that is not flimsy. Attached is a picture of the area I want to build the wall.

How can I build a drywall with a small doorway in a space like this?
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Date/Time2/12/2019 at 9:07:33 AM

Just build a frame to those dimensions, as you would for any regular wall. Make sure you're able to secure your plates into existing joists, and studs, or else add ones to the existing areas that will allow you to secure your new wall to the ceiling, and old walls. Leave a rough opening for a door when you construct your wall frame. Once the new wall frame is secure, cut the plate out from your door opening, and install your door, and drywall.

I attached a picture I found on the internet which looks similar to your room, to give an example of the frame. Just make sure you secure it to existing walls properly.

How can I build a drywall with a small doorway in a space like this?
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Gerard from Betterbuilt in Burlington
Date/Time2/12/2019 at 11:11:06 AM

Hi there....

You can build a frame with 35/8 steel stud and track, leaving a 26"x81" rough opening for a 24x80 door, preferably safe and sound variety.

Board one side of the wall with 5/8 drywall, apply resilient channel horizontally at 16"O.C. and board with another layer of , this time, 1/2 drywall.

Insulate wall with 31/2" Roxul and board other side of wall similar to the first side.

The key to sound-proofing is to use different materials and compositions.

Put foam between door frame and stud framing and finish with trim.

Make sure steel track is properly fastened to floor, walls and ceiling.

If necessary use Pl-premium to glue tracks to drywall if you do not hit any studs.

Calk bottom of drywall to floor, before installing baseboard.

Hope this helps,


Gerard Schoeman


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Date/Time2/12/2019 at 12:36:57 PM

you can put carpet out side the dry wall

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