How difficult would it be to replace tub and toilet?

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Posted by: from Winnipeg
5/14/2008 at 1:47:34 PM

I have been tired of searching for a company/contractor to do it for me, it seems such a small project is really not very interesting.

now I am considering maybe I could do it myself?

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Wayne from KGM Roofing & Home Improvement in Wilsons Beach
Date/Time5/14/2008 at 6:51:20 PM

hey Sowen,

This is not a big project at all really. the toilet would be a 4 on a 1 - 10 scale 10 being hardest

tub is a little more difficult but any do it yourselfer should be able to this job providing they are staying in the same spot

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Sowen in Winnipeg
Date/Time5/15/2008 at 9:24:10 AM

hi, wayne

thanks for the reply. do you know any excellent online step by step tutorial i can take a look? thanks again.

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Tamburro Home Renovations in Courtice
Date/Time5/24/2008 at 2:29:25 PM

hey Sowen i am a contractor myself and a replacing a toilet & tub is really not that hard to do ... its true the tub might be a little more work to take out then to actually replace it ... if u need any help let me know ... u can get alot of tips online just type in how to replace a toilet & tub ??? u should get alot of tips and maybe videos too ...

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Abba's Service in Huntsville
Date/Time6/8/2008 at 11:08:01 PM

Hi my name is michael from abba's Service Reg:tub and toilet. Firts thing is toitlet can be replaced in about 1 1/2 hour. the tub is another story. first you need to know is their any mold or mildew in the area. This job could be bigger than these guy's think! Is the toilet leaking at the base if not that is good. If the walls have insulation on the out side wall! First thing is you should get a good contractor to come and take a look before you do anything. We do bathroom renovations and it can cost a lot of money. What is the floor made of and is it level. Is the floor waterproof underneath or you don't know? I hope this info is usefull!

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