How do you raise the faucet in the bath tub area?

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Posted by: from Port Coquitlam
2/7/2015 at 6:31:20 AM

What is the easiest way to raise the taps and the spout for the water in the bathtub area?

A friend of mine wants to take the old tub out and put a new deeper one in. The problem is that the taps will be in line with the top of the tub and where the water comes out would be in line with the overflo.

What is the simplest way to raise the taps and the spout for the water flow?

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Date/Time2/7/2015 at 9:21:16 AM

Hi EmmaLea,

You will have no option but to extend the hot and cold pipes if they do flex that far to the inlet of the taps. It will be the same for the overflow.

The cheapest and quickest way to do this is to buy the flexible connections which are around 300mm long (1 foot or 12 inches) in length, straightforward enough to do and should give you the extension you need.

Good luck!

Gary - CMI

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Date/Time2/7/2015 at 9:31:12 AM

To move the spout you will have to gain access to what they call a "rough in" valve. This valve is where the hot and cold come into a valve which supplies your hot and cold water to the tub. There should be an access door on the opposite side of the wall that your taps are on.

If there is no access, you will have to cut the drywall to gain access (there should be a permanent access to this piping so make sure you don't drywall it back up, simply put in a prefabricated door for future access).

Once it is opened up you will have to move up the valve and modify the drainage to the new tub specifications.

You will have to remove the water lines from the valve and modify those as well.

It may be easier to use Pex piping as opposed to copper.

Attached are a few pictures of what the rough in should look like.

How do you raise the faucet in the bath tub area?

How do you raise the faucet in the bath tub area?

How do you raise the faucet in the bath tub area?

How do you raise the faucet in the bath tub area?
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Steve in Wawota
Date/Time4/2/2015 at 3:51:36 PM

Another thing to bear in mind when moving your taps up to the desired level is to be sure when resetting the rough in that you consider what is going on as the " finished" wall. You'll want to make sure your rough in sits at the correct depth to correspond with the flush mounted pieces of the tap set. It can be a real headache if set to far out our to far back once the walls are finished.

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