How far in advance to contact/secure general contractor?

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Posted by: from Brantford
9/15/2008 at 9:10:15 PM

We're looking to purchase an income property that will require quite a bit of renovations. We would like to hire a general contractor to do most of the work required.

How far in advance should we be contacting contractors for a quote? If we'd ideally like the project to start in Feb 2009, is it too early to start contacting them now?

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Date/Time9/18/2008 at 7:43:01 AM

Hi Anne- contact them now. It's never to early. Most contractors have work lined up for quite some time, so the one you pick may not even be ready to start when you want them to. You will need time to go over the project with any contractors you deem worthy, they will have to put together a contract/estimate for you, arrange for sub-contractors, permits will be needed, materials/fixtures will need to be ordered, drawings may be required, etc. Good luck.

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Date/Time10/1/2008 at 10:15:10 AM

Hello Anne :

I would agree with Mr. Carr's comments on the timing to contact a contractor to do your work. The sooner the better. Today there are many options in the building business and after being in it for over 30 years there are even more delays at the average building department in getting permits approved. Subcontractors and materials shuold be booked well in advance of starting the project and if you are going to proceed with a date of February 09 the time to move forward is anytime now. Good Luck !!

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Abba's Service in Huntsville
Date/Time10/24/2008 at 6:13:54 PM

If contractors are busy that is good news for you. you can wait up to a month for some of them if a contractor can get there and start working in a week or a couple of days it can mean he is new or he isn't that good. Most contractors that are good 2 weeks to one month. The reason for this is if he or they are working on a job and they are doing the right thing for there clients they will be fixing problems as they arise. It takes longer but they tell the home owners what they found and ask them if they want them to fix it and 90% of the time ok. I have told people 2 weeks and some times it can be a month. If you use a contractor that is joggling more than one job at a time you might have a long haul. food for thought. One job at a time at Abba's Service

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