How much do i charge in labor only to paint a 1-bedroom apartment?

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Posted by: from Kamloops
9/2/2016 at 6:36:59 PM

How much do i charge, in labor only, to paint a 1-bedroom (empty) apartment with a small storage room, a 3 shelf pantry with door and kitchen/living-diningroom combo. Trim/casing and walls all one color and paint the ceiling white. Please and thank you??

Measurements (8ft ceilings)

Pantry: 2ft x 2ft =64sqft

S. Closet: 3ft x 5ft =128sqft

Bathroom: 4ft x 5ft =144sqft

Bedroom: 10ft x10ft =320sqft

Kitchen Combo: 15ft x 8ft =368sqft



I think my math is right, but it seems right, lol. I obviously shortened the formula.

Thanks again, cheers!

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John from Hue Painters in Mississauga
Date/Time9/2/2016 at 8:26:03 PM

I recently painted a one bedroom condo. Walls, ceilings, trims, baseboards, and doors. Entire place. And I charged $1400 for labour only. They paid for the paint.

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Date/Time9/3/2016 at 3:06:24 PM

$4-$6 per sq/ft, paint included. Anything below is cheap.

John's quote of $1400 for 1000 sq/ft condo is funny.

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Date/Time9/4/2016 at 6:02:42 PM

Assuming you are painting Door trim and casings, window trim and casings, baseboards, ceilings, and closets, in our market, your range for LABOUR would be $1800 on the low end, and, about $2400 on the higher end of the scale; depending if you are a "one man band," or, a larger multi-crew organization. Paint and materials would be on top of that.

Good luck.

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Date/Time9/5/2016 at 8:25:49 AM

Find out how much square feet you could paint in one hours then divide that by the number of square feet you have to paint and add the amount that you think your time is worth. That will give you the amount you charge. Example 1000 square feet divide by 150 square feet that is how many square feet you can paint in 1 hour =6.6 round up to 7x what you charge and that will give you how much you should charge.

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