How much should I charge to remove and dispose of decks?

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Posted by: from Barrie
12/17/2015 at 8:46:54 PM

I was asked to remove decks for a resort and I am wondering what I should charge by the sq ft? I need to cover labor of the people helping me and dumpster/disposal.

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Date/Time12/17/2015 at 10:05:56 PM

You should charge about $1200 for 1 deck. If there's more than you can lower your price by let say 10-15% if you want to make some money.

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Jason from London Renovations in London
Date/Time12/18/2015 at 2:44:11 AM

Main question should be how large are the decks?

$1200 could be good very high or extremely low depending on the project.

I usually try to approach those jobs on a t&m basis. figure out your hourly labour and dumping fees. What other safety issues are present?

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Date/Time12/18/2015 at 8:12:05 AM

It's difficult for us to determine because we don't know the scope of the work. Try starting at $6/sq.ft. including disposal and see if that covers your costs.


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Date/Time12/19/2015 at 1:45:40 PM


A few things to consider. The material of the deck, the degree of difficulty in dismantling the deck, access to the deck for the dumpster, cost of the dumpster, distance to the dume and related charges, and probably a few more items to consider.I generally do a "best guess" on the amount of time it would take and add in the extras (dumpster, number of trips, etc.) My rate, based on the "per hour" basis is an estimate and I let the client know my estimate but indicate it could be more or less. The reason for this is that you may encounter unforseen issues that you will have to deal with. Assuming you've done this type of work before, you should have an idea about the time it takes. Sorry, no easy answer but be honest and fair and you plus your client will be happy.

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James from Deckster Decks in Scarborough
Date/Time2/11/2016 at 1:42:55 PM

You cant just say $1200. If the deck is 100 sq ft, you will price yourself out of the job. If its 500 sq ft, you'll be working the rest of the job topless. My starting rates are $5 per sq ft and will increase based on accessibility, height, quality of previous construction, etc.

Each job has its own unique challenges and must be assessed individually.

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