How much would it cost to renovate a bathroom?

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Posted by: from Toronto
2/22/2018 at 1:59:45 AM

Approximately 40 sq ft.

- remove and replace old tub and surround tiles

- remove and replace floor tiles

- remove and replace vanity (counter and sink)

- remove, insulate and replace drywall (about 5' wide x 9' high)

- remove and replace existing window ( 21w x 37 h)

- install exhaust fan (there isn't one currently)

Including removal of debris, paint and clean up?

How much would it cost to renovate a bathroom?
How much would it cost to renovate a bathroom?
How much would it cost to renovate a bathroom?
How much would it cost to renovate a bathroom?
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Date/Time2/22/2018 at 9:23:49 AM

Good morning,

You will find that a total bathroom renovation with quality workmanship and materials will range somewhere between 11k to 15k. However having said that, some contractors might do it slightly cheaper. It will depend on a few variables such as the quality of the materials being used which will dictate final price.

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Date/Time2/22/2018 at 9:27:20 AM

On average our bathroomrooms with a tile surround and a few custom finishes are between 11k to 16k.

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Date/Time2/22/2018 at 10:02:08 AM

Hi there,

There are many factors to consider when renovating any space. For example, what is the age of your home....could there be asbestos? What is the exterior finish of your home- it's a lot more work to replace a window that has to be removed from a stucco house, rather than say a vinyl house. Is your bathroom fan vented through the roof...will that need to be done?

Finishes for your bathroom also can affect the cost of a bathroom renovation by thousands.

Having said all this- the average renovation for a bathroom that size would range from $12000-$15000.


Love Your Home Again Renovations

Nanaimo, BC

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Frank from Reno Force in Princeton
Date/Time2/22/2018 at 11:18:25 AM

Hello.. it all depends on fixtures and materials to be selected, however that being said you could look at a budget of up to $15000.

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Date/Time2/22/2018 at 11:36:13 AM

Hi home owner,

There are many ways when come to renovating any house or rooms depends how old is the house depend on exterior,Is your bathroom fan through the roof, to Finishes this bathroom can affect the cost of $11,000 we did same as this washroom i showed homeowner how to save money where to buy excellent material.

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Date/Time2/22/2018 at 11:59:43 AM

An average price for a total re & re bathroom depending on your tastes are for appliances would start at 6500.00 and go as high as 10.000.00.

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Date/Time2/22/2018 at 12:14:07 PM

There is a tremendous cost fluctuation in Bathroom renovations due to materials and finishing verities.

For example, you receive a cost estimate of $15,000, this cost allocating $1,200 for a vanity.

You can choose a vanity that costs $3,000, automatically, you are over the budget by $1,800.That way costs may add up very quickly.

Therefore, my advice to potential customers is:

*Get at list three quotes.

*Know exactly what is included in each quote.

*Try to allocate about 15%-20% more then you budgeted for.

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Date/Time2/22/2018 at 12:39:18 PM


To respond to your request.

We will propose labour only which is around $8000-9000.

Since we don't have any design in hand also we don't know your taste.

Please note the age of the house and type of existing material can effect the price.


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Date/Time2/22/2018 at 12:47:31 PM

Hi there

You are looking around $8000-9000 for labour and materials

Good luck

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Date/Time2/22/2018 at 3:02:54 PM

It all depends on all materials customer want to use contact us and we can discuss this in person

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Date/Time2/22/2018 at 10:05:26 PM

A bathroom of that size and work involved, once you have all the materials and work involved, don't surprised if it comes in around $8,000 - $10,000.

That's if you want a bathroom that will last the test of time of course :)

Hope that helps,


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Date/Time2/23/2018 at 10:51:51 AM

It seems like a full gut and renovate a complete bathroom. This would cost around $7500 labour and building materials and you can buy whatever tiles / fixtures you are looking for

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Date/Time2/23/2018 at 11:17:30 AM

Hi L, a typical bathroom 5 ft by 8 ft 40 sq ft can range from $7,500 to $15,000. There is a lot of variables with bathrooms If you're not moving the location of any bathroom fixtures, custom with or without a niche and bench , in floor heat, tiles that you select. Custom vanity or store-bought vanity. I strongly recommend whatever contractor you go with you ask him or his plumber recommendations before buying bathroom fixtures faucets Etc.

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Lorna in Toronto
Date/Time2/23/2018 at 8:46:00 PM

Thanks for the feedback. I really just want a simple functional, clean, updated washroom (nothing fancy). I'm budgeting for about $9000. Any suggestions on end of the line tile sell off sites? I am going to research materials.

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Date/Time2/26/2018 at 11:50:57 AM


Here's a handy website that outlines price ranges for home renovations. It's fairly accurate:

Good luck on your Renovation!

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George from GNK Constructions in Montreal
Date/Time3/12/2018 at 10:54:33 PM

I tell my clients to try and get the vanity and etc themselves, as they can sometimes get better deals then a contractor, plus it allows them to choose there material and design certain aspects of the bathroom themselves. this way price differs quite a bit. Happy renovations!!!

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Sammy in Amsterdam
Date/Time4/3/2019 at 4:40:40 AM

We have just finished our bathroom renovation . It costed me a whopping $3k for all new fixtures, materials, floor heating elements, glass walls etc. We did all the labor ourselves.

Just ordered our new glass shower . Once it's installed, keep you posted with photos..

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