How much would something like this cost?

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Posted by: from Owen Sound
12/1/2016 at 5:04:23 PM

I found this picture on TrustedPros and may be interested in a similar project but would first like to know what the estimated cost would be.

We would also like to install a new vanity and new flooring.

How much would this cost?


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Date/Time12/1/2016 at 7:45:28 PM

I will have to look at it, but give you a estimated cost $20,000. It may be less or bit more but its ball part cost.

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Date/Time12/1/2016 at 8:34:43 PM


The actual renovation of the bathroom varies greatly. In general, a re-make runs $7000 to $12000 (ballpark figures. It depends on how much room you have, the removal of old items (toilet, tub/shower, vanity, etc.), and how much repair is required. The quality of the new material also has a bearing on the final cost. The best suggestion would be to have some contractors actually visit and provide estimates. They should all be similar so if it's "a go" use the one you feel comfortable with.



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Date/Time12/2/2016 at 8:16:12 AM

Get Detailed Estimates from either TrustPros guy's in your area and or BBB in your area. Get at least 3 estimates, these are always free and each contractor will give you different ideas on exactly how they will

achieve what you want. There are many factors to take into account if the site is not visited. A good ball park is about 10K +/- from strip down to finish.

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Date/Time12/2/2016 at 3:56:04 PM

Thanks very much for your inquiry. The estimate for that job would be $12 K- $15 K (materials & labour)

Hope that price meets your budget requirements?

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Date/Time12/2/2016 at 5:13:40 PM

Hi Colleen,

Is this an existing bathroom? If it is then this should run you between $10,000 to $ 14,000. Licensed plumber, licensed electrician, proper exhaust, sealed pot lite above tub, backer board around tub surround, sound proof insulation around tub area if there is another room beside it. That is what I would look for in a proper quote.

Good luck


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Date/Time12/20/2016 at 9:23:13 PM

10 to 15 k depending on finish and removal like previous people have said. Again make sure to get someone to come out and check the bathroom in question, a good contractor can notice most problems when on site. Get multiple quotes. Best of luck with your renovation.

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