How to install hardwood in kitchen?

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Posted by: from Calgary
4/7/2017 at 8:13:00 PM

Does the hardwood install happen before or after the kitchen cabinet install? Why?

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Yuriy from Weber Exteriors in Edmonton
Date/Time4/7/2017 at 8:58:07 PM

Wood floors expand and contract with changing temperature and moisture, and it needs room for this process. Installing floors beneath your cabinets could cause wood to buckle when it tries to expand. This will damage your new floor. For this reason, some experts recommend installing wood floors after you finish your cabinets. Also, floating floors can't be installed under cabinets because the cabinets will be too heavy and restrict the floor from expanding and contracting. This could cause the floor to come apart.

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Date/Time4/7/2017 at 9:25:09 PM

Any nailed down flooring can be installed under the cabinets. Personally I always install underneath all of them this way if you ever change the kitchen you have flooring everywhere and don't have to deal with voids. As long as there is proper expansion space around the outside you don't have anything to worry about. On downside to installing underneath the cabinets is if you have to do a repair and remove a board that goes under you will need to cut the board and end up damaging the cabinets if your not careful. Now with a floating floor it's not recommended to install underneath the cabinets, some cabinets will not allow the floor to move and can cause issues down the road.

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Date/Time4/7/2017 at 10:00:00 PM

You can lay the hardwood under the cabinets. We always do it with no issues??

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Dave from Crown Choice in Nanaimo
Date/Time4/8/2017 at 12:14:35 AM

If the Hardwood is nailed or glued down it is advantageous to install before the cabinets go in. You will have a neat finish and your cabinets will be at the proper height. It also makes it easier to install the flooring as your not having to work around the cabinets.

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Date/Time4/10/2017 at 4:22:01 PM


We always complete the flooring throughout the kitchen or bathrooms prior to the installation of any cabinets.

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