How to properly patch holes in a Stucco ceiling?

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Posted by: from Mississauga
11/13/2012 at 1:58:43 PM


I will be making some holes in my cieling to properly install and wire new lights. The ceiling is all stucco and I am curious how to properly patch it up to look like before.

Ill be making a few extra holes to drill through studs and make sure everything is safe. Ive done this many times before in a few houses so I know what Im doing but never repatched stucco yet.

With patching, I'm redrilling the circular drywall piece w 2-4 like usual, and thinking of using some gcg to patch the lines where I cut, then using the stucco in a tube you can get at paints stores over the patching.

Will this work or are there other/better suggestions (will I have to paint the ceiling again?)



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Date/Time11/13/2012 at 3:33:24 PM

A stippled ceiling is usually difficult to patch and blend in with the existing stipple. the entire ceiling will definitely have to be all repainted once the patching is done. You need to use the proper spray equipment. Stipple in a can or in a tube will not be very effective.

In the past we have used this sort of situation to convert the ceiling to flat and get rid of the stipple. You will need to scrape the stipple, install a skim coat of drywall compound ( probably two coats), sand and paint.

If you use the right trades for this work the results will be perfect.

Paul Justice...Justice Construction

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David from Chetco Homes in Fort Erie
Date/Time11/13/2012 at 5:05:49 PM

Never saw a good patch job. To do it right you should patch the holes u make and then scrape all the stucco off the ceiling. Then do a California knock down finish.

Good Luck

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Josh from Honest Painting in Hamilton
Date/Time11/13/2012 at 10:23:08 PM

Hi, the stucco in a tube wont match the ceiling that you are patching exactly, you will be able to tell there was patch work done. The best idea would be to drywall the patch, and than mud it a tiny bit, make it a little bit sloppy as to match the stucco, and than spray the stucco in a can until you get a good match. Also the spray will not match the colour of your ceiling, it will need to be painted again, prime the patch after the stucco is dry, and than paint it with a flat white,



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