I got ripped off by my contractor, what should I do?

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Posted by: from Calgary
12/16/2013 at 12:23:21 AM

I hired a contractor. I have a written agreement and written communication between myself and him on the price, and work to be completed.

I paid him in full after 90% of the work had been completed. He had agreed to come back to finish the work but never did. I tried contacting him several times, but he blocked my number. I called him from a different line, and he answered the call, but hung up immediately after realising I was calling him.

After reading many stories similar to mine, I feel disheartened that I will ever see my money again. Rather, I would like to focus my attention to ensuring others do not have to experience the same with this contractor again. Those who conduct business in such a manner give the profession a bad name.

What can I do to flag this company and individual for its poor business practise?

Thank you.

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Date/Time12/16/2013 at 8:16:20 AM

I would suggest to go back to the first step, how you found him? Is there any way to expose him there? Try and contact local TV guys and send your story with proof and evidence.

I 100 % agree that such trades needs to be exposed and should be out of work ASAP. If you don't speak such scammers succeed and run away with people's hard earned money. These are the people taking disadvantage of our system.

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Date/Time12/16/2013 at 8:46:45 AM

Scammers like that really bother me. Those of us that try to maintain a good reputation and keep our businesses afloat have a hard enough time trying to win over the trust of new clients as it is without stories like this getting out.

If you we're local to me, I would gladly donate a days work to the completion of your project.

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Date/Time12/16/2013 at 8:49:33 AM

Contractors and trades like this give everyone a bad name. But, you should never pay in full till the job is complete.

Is this contractor apart of any Organizations (eg CHBA, BBB, etc..)? If so go to them, report him.

I 100 % agree that these kind of trades and contractors need to be exposed. They do a project as cheap as possible and give everyone a bad name. The best thing to do before hiring a contractor is do your research on them. Get references and don't always take the cheapest bid.

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Date/Time12/16/2013 at 9:41:44 AM

Well heres another perfect example of some of the things that are happening out there! These guys are rampant and this story is all too familiar, hate to say it but at least you had 90% of the work done! If he's blocking your calls he has no intention of coming back, hard lesson but as a client you should be holding back more so that these guys are not overpaid before work is completed!

The only way to affect him is to make sure the word gets out that these are the types of business principles he operates on! Thats why I tell our potential clients to check referrals, and go see the work if the work is good the clients will be more than happy to show it off! Word of mouth is the most powerful action, but you can also go online and see if theres a way to rate him or write a review on a forum!

As fas as him coming back, don't hold your breath and you'll waste more valuable time and money trying to get that 10% back!

You will find an honest guy out there! Were here!

Good luck!

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Yvonne in Calgary
Date/Time12/16/2013 at 3:58:28 PM

Thank you all for your replies. I have contacted the Better Business Bureau, Alberta Services, and have posted reviews on him in hopes to get the word out.

I saw his ad on Kijiji after a friend of mine got her floors done through a contact there, and suggested I try it. I suppose it's a toss up who you end up with, and in future, I will never look there again for my home improvement needs.

Unfortunately, he has posted another ad. I have contacted kijiji in hopes that it will be removed.

This was my first renovation experience. I plan on doing more, and I will definitely be smarter for it, and go through this website to find honest contractors like yourselves.


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Karen in Calgary
Date/Time8/25/2014 at 12:16:24 PM

I found this website:

Post a complaint there and it starts to show up in search engines when people are searching a name.

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Nod in London
Date/Time7/7/2019 at 10:27:18 AM


Next time you should sue. It is effective, easy, and cheap. And your case, sounded like a hands down winner. But a consultation will tell.

Small Claims court can award monetary damages.

It should not be too expensive, especially if you use a paralegal.

I recommend this organization, although it may be too far for you. I have no affiliation, aside from the fact I opposed some these folks in the court room, and my experience is that their skill level and integrity is there. I do not however, know their representatives in Alberta. Do your reviews.

Either way, the paralegal society in your province can provide information on selecting paralegals. Make sure you do your reviews on-line, before you choose.

good luck next time.

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