I need to price a job, and I just started out on my own... I was hoping I could get a professional opinion.

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Posted by: from Ottawa
3/13/2021 at 5:14:32 PM

Hey guys and gals, I live in Ottawa Ontario.... I've been doing handyman services for a couple of years now and decided to venture out on my own recently. Now then, I have a client that wants baseboards in 3 rms (large living room, wrapping around into half the kitchen/dining area, hallway leading to large office space and the office itself), also wants a set of door jambs to be rebuilt + door trims to be done around 4 openings, a bay window to be trimmed, crown mouldings in the large office, drywall one side of a wall, and of course all the finishing touches on all the trims plus retouch-up pre-existing crown moulding. How long would you think that would take and how much would you charge as flat fee or hourly? I don't want to overcharge her nor do I want to get underpaid either. P.S client is supplying the new materials.

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Dennis from Custom Touches in Winnipeg
Date/Time3/13/2021 at 6:21:15 PM

If you're starting out and unsure of the cost I would suggest a cost plus basis. You know what your work and capabilities are. You have to sell yourself and take progress payments as the work continues. That way you are both working together on this. If any problems or issues arise they can be sorted out immediately. Usually when the customer had to dish out money. A safe way for both of you. Put it in writing.

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Date/Time3/14/2021 at 11:40:26 AM

Cost plus is a good way. I prefer hourly, based on a rate that you feel comfortable with. You can adjust the hours you charge it there is "down time" or other times that you may be off the job. Make sure your client is totally in agreement.

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Date/Time3/17/2021 at 8:57:09 PM

The Handyman Companies as well as the one you worked for charges at least $90-$110/hr to make any money & have Clients supply materials. Always "cost plus" the materials and have Client pay for them otherwise you are in a whole different ball game and need to charge a fair bit to be competitive and cover your bank costs. If you are legitimate and want to be taken seriously you will need to be licensed, WCB and at least 1 million liability as well you have fuel/maint. costs, accounting costs, gst submissions, tool expenses, consumables, a helper maybe if needed & offering a warranty etc. so running a business costs $$. Min. you will find you need to charge is at least $60-$75/hr for one man and from at least $100-$120/hr with a helper. & add in a job min. (like 2 hrs) otherwise expect idiots to call you to drive across town expecting to pay for a half hour job. Large jobs are to hard to quote hourly so I flat rate them making sure my expenses will be included. It all will come with experience but You will find that today you need to charge a reasonable amount to stay in business and make it worthwhile, Expect lots of kraft dinner till you get a reputation and if you are good and reliable the work will come.

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