Insulating walls of cold room

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Posted by: from Waterdown
2/15/2021 at 7:48:43 AM

Hi there - I would like to finish my basement including the cold room. We are planning to insulate the exterior walls of the cold room but should I be insulating the interior concrete wall of the cold room.

In addition, is insulation required on both sides of the interior wall?

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Date/Time2/15/2021 at 6:01:13 PM


We just did thus for a client's house we are renovating.

We sprayfoamed with quality materials all exterior walls.

First we framed the interior walls, then, applied sprayfoam ,the installed drywall.

If you csn Oxford it, sprayfoam is the best insulation uou can apply.

The effects are immediate.

Other Eisenhower aa a second option use Roxull insulation

Do not use pink insulation


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Date/Time2/15/2021 at 8:24:06 PM

You dont need to insulate the exterior wall of cold room, just the inside wall only. 2 to 3 inches on concrete wall with spray foam insulation

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Joshua from Roof Effex in Stony Plain
Date/Time2/16/2021 at 2:45:49 AM

Hi Sabina

I have install many roofs on cold buildings such as wharhouse freezers and coolers.A important step in any thermal barrier is your Vapour barrier, witch needs to be install on the warm side of your insulation.i dont think you need to insulate both sides of wall but i woud suggest installing a self adhereing membrane such as blue skin or grace to the concrete wall and ceiling first for a contionous wrap before building your insulated wall. This will avoid any thermal bridging that may occur where the stud breaks the insuation.The Wood stud wont carry the same R value per inch as the insualtion will, in Addition it will prevent moisture tranfer from the pourous concrete to your

stud wall if you choose to use wood instead of steel stud and increase the overall effinecy of your cold Room.

I hope this Helps in your Endeavouor

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