Is deck being built properly?

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Posted by: from Thunder Bay
9/22/2014 at 8:06:53 PM

Worried cause I have a person started my deck. Asked for sono tubes and he wanted to do boards and has already did that part, lower end of deck that's below the basement window height. Now it looks like he's not doing tubes of any sort for higher that he's about to start. Worried that it will move if not solidly placed. Saved for this, so can't have troubles later. Won't be able to redo it.

Portion of deck going to be part octagon and higher section eg 3 feet to meet the door. Did ask for deck to go out farther and he's kept it the same size as before, would have been about another foot more. Wanted space so more area around table and chairs. Hmm ...

Any advice would be great.

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Date/Time9/22/2014 at 9:33:52 PM

Please do yourself a favor get him out.

For your deck double layered you need post holes (every 8 feet). Do not let him float it! It will sag down with time and frost!

Find yourself another deck guy. Because right now you're being DECKED!

Good luck!

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Date/Time9/23/2014 at 12:23:03 AM

Fire them now. Don't let them drive one more nail or screws.

That is not how to build a deck. You must have a son tube filled with 3000 PS I concrete every 8'. The song should be 4' in depth.

Sorry you hired some yahoo's that call themselves contractors.


James Fram

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Gary from Happy Handyman in Kelowna
Date/Time9/23/2014 at 11:20:19 AM

As stated by the other post - fire him. If he is not building to your specs. Proper foundations should be used.

Check out local building codes and get a few estimates. One of those should be able to build it properly.

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Date/Time9/23/2014 at 9:05:56 PM

Sono tube is no assurance that a deck will be stable. I could show you structures in Sudbury where they had piles driven more than 150 feet into the soil that sunk.. and where others have 'lifted' due to frost. Depth of frost is dependant upon the type of soil and what is known as 'degree days', which can also be affected by snow cover. Your deck could very well be built properly according to the information you provided in your note.

I do reside in Ottawa and have worked across most of Ontario. In most cases, I use nothing more than what is known as 'Deck blocks', which have an 18 x 18" patio slab underneath.

In such cases, the decks are never attached to the house. There will be slight frost movement but once the frost is gone, the structure goes back to it's original position.

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