Issues with cmu Foundation Cracks on Rental Property.

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Posted by: from Edmonton
2/12/2022 at 5:22:40 PM

I am currently renting a basement suite in a older home. A couple days ago i noticed that the sides of my bed that were up against the wall were quite damp. Upon telling the landlord (they are currently tearing out chunks of drywall) we have discovered cracks and some that had a shotty attempt at being patched up in the past. I am wondering what should be happening here, it doesnt seem right to me to just seal the cracks and re dry wall. I am concered of the integrity of the exterior of the foundation and anxious as spring is around the corner.

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Dennis from Custom Touches in Winnipeg
Date/Time2/12/2022 at 11:45:37 PM

In the past years in some areas there has been severe drought. With this the ground is shrinking which puts extreme pressure on foundations to the point that cracking can occur. Similar wet conditions can also put abnormal pressures on a foundation. Minimal cracking can be simply patched. Severe cracking can cost huge money to stabilize the home. Either way the home is not about to collapse.

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Richard in Edmonton
Date/Time2/13/2022 at 9:21:56 AM

Naturally the proper way to repair foundation cracks is from the exterior, preferably with a dimpled membrane, however this may not always be practical as there may be a concrete sidewalk, driveway or other obstructions.

With older homes City grading requirements were not as stringent as with newer construction and there can be grading issues that are difficult if not impossible to solve.

Moisture entering from the soil can bring with it soil gases as well as leading to mould, possible insect problems or threatening building components so it's best to be addressed properly.

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Date/Time2/14/2022 at 11:38:20 AM

there is a very specific way to anchor and seal foundation cracking, it uses anchors and a special epoxy, if it does not have "pins" sticking out of the cracks and a epoxy caulk then it was not done professionally. The landlord should be calling a company like "Abalon" and doing it right, it is not that expensive usually under a thousand.

PS: the actual egress of moisture must be determined? Unless yuo can see actual moisture coming out of cracks? it could be from footing..this means he has a grading issue, no weeping tile, plugged weeping tile or all 4 issues (cracks, weeping/tile/grade) a professional foundation leak specialist should be consulted!

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