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Posted by: from Scarborough
6/24/2008 at 10:21:09 PM

I was impressed with the number of responses once I posted the jobs I needed done. After receiving 4 quotes for a new kitchen floor and a partial bathroom reno, we selected Arind Karmarker. After two weeks of patience for a job we were told would take a few days, we told him not to come back. We paid him $1800 of the total $2000 because we trusted him. He kept promising "he would be finished today". Being nieve about these things, we believed him time and time again. We are now having most of the work he did re-done again. He took on the project and led us to believe he had the experience doing so. He wrecked the celing in my basement bathroom because he did not bolt down the toilet in the upstairs bathroom he was doing the partial renovation in. He wrecked more than he fixed. I could go on and on. He did not even know how to grout a tile floor. The cement he used was all over the tiles and we had to have them taken up again and the floor re-done. I would have done a better taping and mudding job myself and my grout job I did trying to fix his mess was better than his as well. If he does the right thing and refunds me $900 of the $1800 I gave him, then I will remove these comments and move on.

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Brett in Toronto
Date/Time7/9/2008 at 12:34:51 PM

hi carolyn. sorry to hear this happened to you. and i am glad for your post. in fact, even if he pays you back you shouldnt remove this post because it could help other homeowners like myself. but i understand your situation. you want to get the money back and so this is good leverage.

its too bad about this kind of thing. i've had some bad experiences as well and they have happened even before the work was started, during the quoting process.

it astounds me how awful some contractors can be. and its not always possible to determine how a contractor is going to turn out until you work with them.

good luck and i hope you get satisfaction

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Brett in Toronto
Date/Time7/13/2008 at 5:12:43 PM

ok get this one, from the same contractor. he responds to my posted bid with:


I'm a general contractor/brick & stone mason in business for 5yrs now & was with union before that. I take great pride in my work & always make sure the customer is happy. My prices are average & i provide warranties too. You can reach me at 647-378-7416 or visit my website for pictures and references.

Thank you.

Arind Karmakar


then i send him a reply:


Date: July 9, 2008 12:05:51 PM

Subject: Re: BID on #HCA11618 - Poured Concrete Patio Parge and Epoxy


hi there can we set up a time during the weekdays in the evening or on weekends for you to come look at the job and give me a quote? im near queen/broadview


i dont hear anything back from him so ignore it. there are far too many contractor around to try and chase down these guys that dont reply back. then, today i get this email to my personal email:


i kept this weekend off so i could come quote your job. you don't have the manners to email or call and let me know what is happening! if you are busy just say so! i got millions of other jobs on hand which i could have done, also it was my birthday yesterday but i didn't do anything, just sitting here waiting for people like you to call!

I'm sorry i have to act this way even if you are a customer but yesterday is the only day i keep off in the whole year for myself.


Karmakar Construction



this guy is a piece of work! not for me thank you


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Adam in Toronto
Date/Time10/14/2008 at 12:02:31 AM

I got reply from Arind from Karmakar Construction that he would knock down my shed and build a new and smaller one, but he come with no tools and used my big hammer. At the end he knocked down but made huge mess in my back yard, I paid him and he promised me to show up the day after to finish the job but he did not, I have called at least dozen of time but he has no guts to call me back. This man is nothing but crook.

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Renpro General Contracting in Oshawa
Date/Time10/15/2008 at 10:24:54 AM

It's guys like this that make us ALL look bad. I really feel for those who have been ripped off by anyone. The sad thing is, he's geting away with it and he'll do it again.


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Date/Time11/11/2009 at 10:57:28 PM

To understand ,you hired him from this site?If so is he still here?How many strikes do contractors get here?New to site and still trying to figure out if its for me,worked last twenty years without the internet.My partner also my son feels this is the way to go;not to sure.Sorry to here of your troubles sounds like this guy needs atrip to the woodshed..

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