Labor cost Installing T-Bar ceiling in Commercial buildings

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Posted by: from Torbay
12/23/2012 at 12:53:45 PM

What is the standard cost per square foot to install T-Bar ceiling in commercial buildings?

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Date/Time12/23/2012 at 3:18:35 PM

The cost will vary between provinces and cities, but the labour cost will be around $3.00.

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Date/Time12/23/2012 at 3:43:00 PM


Almost impossible to give you accurate price without seeing existing condition.

a) size of the space makes different in the price.

b)is it open area or not.

c) tip of T-bar ceiling.

d) is it sprinkler or not.

e) tip of light fixtures.

f) height of the ceiling.

g) is it area clear or not.

This is just some of the questions one needs to know before can comit to the price,if anybody gives You price without seeing the existing condition be aware.

Best Regards


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Kerry in Torbay
Date/Time12/23/2012 at 5:14:42 PM

Thanks Guys,

The job that I am inquiring on is a new school build in St. John's Newfoundland. Also labor cost for interior steel stud and drywall?

I have experience in residential cost but very little in commercial but moving toward commercial so any information would be great.


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Date/Time12/23/2012 at 8:56:53 PM


I have completed a few T bar ceilings in the past. Layout is probably the hardest part of the job-it matters a lot more in small spaces and hallways and also if there are florescent lighting fixtures in the room. these can really kill the look of your pattern. Try and center your pattern in some way in relation to the center of your rooms- I have always centered the room and picked that point as your T bar start-or, pick that center point as the center of your tile working toward the walls-you should work out your material cost that way also so your not short.

If you are pricing a new school-you are probably going to be dealing with concrete blocks for walls and concrete slab for ceilings - not as easy as simply nailing on your metal. Mounting wire supports will also be more timely into concrete. You will be dealing with drilling in screws and tapcons.

You should have a very good look at the job and all the extras before giving a solid quote.

Steve's comment about sprinkler system is a big one to think about. If there is any moving of electrical and plumbing - be sure and price in those extras. Put as much in writing as possible.

Good luck with it Kerry.

Bruce Tiffin

Granite Wood Construction-Georgian Bay, Parry Sound, Muskoka

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Manny in Saint John's
Date/Time11/16/2014 at 7:55:27 AM

What is the standard cost to install 2x4 tile and t bar ceiling in a commercial building?

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Date/Time12/2/2016 at 11:04:58 AM

True, it does depend on site conditions and style of grid / tile, but it isnt rocket science people. I have worked across the country in all forms of construction. A school is among the easiest of installs. a rate of 50 cents per square is an approximate cost for the install of the wires and grid. 15 cents for tile. 1.30 ish for material. running somewhere in the approximate area of 2 / sq ft install and supply. for basic grid and tile, no shadow mould, no radiant heat panels, nothing fancy. that being said, contractors prices will usually come in between 3 and 4 per square. god bless the profit margin.

Hope that helps.

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