Legal options for unfinished basement by a single guy posed as a basement building contractor?

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Posted by: from Brampton
8/29/2016 at 9:40:47 AM

4 months back a hired a guy to finish my basement, through a friends reference and no formal contract signed but general information typed and list of work and task to complete and paid him $5k as advance.

Guy started the work and half way through left the job unfinished. During the 2 months I paid him $14k total (signed receipts and cheques) and still my work is not complete. I met him several times at his house but he is not coming and delaying and giving lame excuses for last 2 months.

I asked other basement contractors to give quote to finish the work they said it is 70 done and we need to pay $10k more.

What are my legal options and how to go about it?


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Date/Time8/29/2016 at 12:43:15 PM

Hi Sam,

This happens most of the time these days. Its very difficult to find good contractors and same is GOOD clients. Those who are good they are booked minimum of 6 months in advance. They are not cheap as they know that they will finish the job so they price the FULL job.

Now on other hand the clients look for CHEAPEST quote so these things happen.

In your case you went with referral which was good thing BUT you have NO CONTRACT in place so

What was the amount of the contract? How is the payment schedule? What he is supposed to do and in what time line NOTHING so legal options are very limited and may not be in your favour. It would be waste of time and money.

Lesson learnt if you have some one who is going to complete the incomplete work get it done.

I would serve the existing contractor a written notice stating that he is requested to finish his pending job within 15 days time and has failed to finish it so you may get it finish at his cost and damages. So in case if he turns around and sue you in future based on hand shake contract at least you can escape that you had given him fair chance to complete but he repeatedly failed to respond and had no choice but to finish with other contractor and then you can recollect your losses.

Hope that helps.

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R&L Electric in Saskatoon
Date/Time8/29/2016 at 1:01:34 PM

Did you come to an agreed price to finish completed basement. If not then you will have to pay more to get it completed.



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Date/Time8/29/2016 at 1:21:51 PM

Legal actions it's long process and most of the time won't help. The only way try to reach a certain deal with this contractor as long as he already finished %70 of the work as you said. It might also ask your friends who referred this contractor to help you out and have the work done without arising issues.

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Date/Time9/2/2016 at 12:13:13 AM

Wouldn't it make more sense to go on a legal discussion board and ask what your legal options were than to ask contractors?

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