My contractor is threatening to put a lien on my home due to a bad review from us on BBB

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Posted by: from Georgetown
12/5/2021 at 4:22:39 AM

Can my contractor put a lien on my home because we wrote a bad review about him on BBB. We paid him almost the whole amount of the cost of renos and he never came back to finish. He claimed it would take 2 weeks and it's been almost 6 months. He butchered everything and now we are trying to pay other contractors to finish the unfinished and butchered work.

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Date/Time12/5/2021 at 11:02:44 AM

Not a chance he can lien your property. Liens can only be issued for lack of payment. Make sure you have all your payment records if he attempts to do that. He will not do this as he knows liens are difficult to do.

I suspect he just trying to scare you into reversing that review. If he is on contractor websites post your review there also.

Good luck

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Date/Time12/5/2021 at 7:58:12 PM

Actually liens are super easy to do, $20 filing fee and done at city development. He ghas to have a clear claim though! If you hired him and did not pay him any money owing to the last date he worked, he actually can put a lien on your house, regardless if he was a useless contractor. If he did not finish the job you can however fire him but might still be on hook for money to the date of firing. If you did not have a clear finish date in writing with him he can lien you anytime. The Onus is on you too hire the right person and get everything contracted in writing. If he is successful in placing a lien, He has to then sue you in 30 days. He sounds like a rip off artist or amateur, likely he will not. You would easily win any counter suit anyway but it is a big hassle and the lien does affect your credit rating. Tell him you are reporting him to your local consumer protection advocate and will be suing for the full cost of completion and repairs if he puts alien on the house, send pics of bad work and any new quotes you get, that should convince him to walk away. But if he is a nasty person he may put one on for spite. He must have documentation he did the work however, a contract, bills, workers he had etc. Hope it works out. Best to contact a lawyer if this gets ugly.

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