New Bathtub Creak only when water drains out

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Posted by: from Brampton
9/4/2022 at 1:13:21 PM

Hi, I have a new bathtub recently installed (acrylic and composite). Usually there is no creaking of the floor or tub until you fill it and then drain it. As it drains you can hear some creaking and after it is empty, the floor leading up to the tub creaks. Creaking will last for sometime after and then it is okay again.

Contractor has said he will address, I still have final payment to make but any ideas/potential solutions? Drain rubbing against subfloor?

He seems pretty casual about it so far so I want to be ready with knowledge when it comes time. Thanks in advance.

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Date/Time9/4/2022 at 10:59:39 PM

Was this tub installed on the second floor? If so....because you have mentioned its only when the bath tub is full. It gives me the initial idea that there may be a weight issue. However. Is this an older house? How big is the tub? Theres alot of questions and variables to properly asses the situation

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Rob in Brampton
Date/Time9/4/2022 at 11:02:29 PM

Thanks. House is almost 40 years old. It's on the second floor and it's 66 by 32 .

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Date/Time9/4/2022 at 11:25:10 PM

There are multiple reasons this could be. Unfortunately large volume fixture manufacturers are making products cheaper and less quality. It could be an install issue or a product issue

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Rob in Brampton
Date/Time9/4/2022 at 7:48:45 PM

Well it was installed by a plumber and it cost $3500. It's an air jet tub. Is that considered cheap?

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Date/Time9/4/2022 at 8:56:44 PM

It could be multiple things. The subfloor and drain should never rub if installed properly. Everything should be solid. The floor itself shouldnt creak either. Its possible there is a leak and water is traveling around. Have you noticed any wet spots in the ceiling of the room directly under the bathroom?

Feel free to reach out directly. We can always book a time to come take a look and give you a second opinion.

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Date/Time9/6/2022 at 3:17:54 PM

Install issue, as mentioned before products are cheap made now. It was not anchored on lip 100%, the drain/overflow could be rubbing or floor is just old and moving a bit when weight is released, likely nothing to worry about. A trick I learned long ago is to put a small layer of "mortar" on floor with poly on top so tub does not permanently glue to it and then it is "rock solid"

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