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Posted by: from Windsor
4/10/2013 at 11:27:15 AM

We have a century old home that we are in the middle of restoring to it's glory years, the original wood work has been preserved from the floors to the ceiling and we are now in the process of getting quotes to replace the roof.

The style is Tudor with a pitch mainly of 10/12 and was originally 1/2" thick slate measuring 10"x20", all flashing work and valleys were copper and we would like to replace the entire roof with the same materials.

My question is this, we have received 2 quotes from reputable contractors that vary drastically in labour cost as we are providing all material, can anyone tell me what the basic cost would be to install the slate tiles only as we have already removed the existing roof and installed Grace Ice & Watershield over the plywood. The Grace rep has assured us that the material can be exposed to the elements for up to 120 days.

Any helpful information would be appreciated.

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Clayton from Gable to Gable in Sherwood Park
Date/Time5/29/2013 at 2:07:36 PM

Hello Donald,

Clayton Miller here from Gable to Gable roofing in Alberta. As I am not formiliar with the pricing in your area I can only recommend that you be careful who you hire as a low quote could mean a few different things. This company may have low overhead giving him a chance to thrive at the business and give you a better deal, this may also be do to unexperiance, ask to look at some of their work. You may aso want to watch for stipulations in the quote such as additional costs changing the bill at the end of the job.

And on that note the other guy on the high end may be including those hidden costs making his bill seem higher but in the end acctualy costing the same, this guy may also have higher overhead costs meaning his price would have to be higher by some or the profit won't be enough to cover the bills and wages at the end of the day and than there is always some people who just really dont want the job so they mark up their price so you wont want to use them.

It is proberbly the most important thing to know who are hiring and a little bit about their business.

I hope this information is helpful.

Clayton C Miller

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