Ottawa Electric Code

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Posted by: from Ottawa
5/26/2020 at 8:22:40 PM

Hi all, i would like to ask about ottawa electric code. I am buying an inventory home from a certain developer and now they are giving me a hard time in my kitchen because of the electric requirements and location or spaces between outlets. And they say they cannot change anything now . Is there a way i can do it before i move in my house in sep or is there a way for them to do so??? They are saying they cant change a thing now but i find it hard to believe that they cannot add or block one elec outlet

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Date/Time5/27/2020 at 7:13:16 AM

You need to speak with a Licensed Electrical Contractor. There is no such thing as an "Ottawa Electric Code". You can have whatever receptacles you want to pay for in your house provided that they are installed in accordance with the Ontario Electrical Safety Code. A professional LEC will acquire the proper permit and schedule the electrical inspection(s) with the Electrical Safety Authority(ESA).

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Nina in Ottawa
Date/Time5/27/2020 at 8:05:57 AM

Thank you very much. They thing is i am not allowed to do anything until the home is mine. And at this stage i am designing the kitchen witht them... so its all the developer. They are saying that to meet the saftey code of ontario we need to block and add a few outlets to meet the design i want.And they are saying that cant be done. So what can be done here? That is my question.. appreciate u trying to explain it thanks

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Date/Time5/27/2020 at 12:06:14 PM

First of all you can not do anything if you don't own the property. If your builder is telling you this it's most likely because of code or some design. Just ask your builder.

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Date/Time5/27/2020 at 12:40:11 PM

I am sort of agreeing with Mark on this.

Since it is currently isn't your house, you have very limited say. Everything have a preexisting design and permit issued.. So there are limited change that could be done..

Now with that said this is the "sort of agreeing" I am talking about..

Technically any of this could be changed if you wanted.. But since it isn't your house yet, it is up to the developer willingness to change it..

But even if they are willing to, it won't be cheap. They may require a new drawing, new permit revision, new line, new inspection, and bunch of other stuff just to get it to what you wanted.

So is not just simply as just move this over here and there kind of work.

There is no code that I could think of, that could prevent where the electrical outlet could be. It may require some amount of work to be done before getting it where it needs to be.

Anyway Good luck

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Chris from KP Construction in Toronto
Date/Time5/28/2020 at 1:07:29 PM


Electrical installations in Ontario are all governed by the Ontario Electrical Safety Code and the Electrical Safety Authority.

There is a minimum requirement for electrical outlet spacing as per the code. If you want to remove a receptacle, it likely is a code issue. You need 1 outlet per every 1.8 meters of wall space.

In a kitchen there are several more requirements. The developer is likely correct if you are asking him to remove an outlet. Now if you are asking them to add an outlet, there should be no issue other than costs and having to have ESA come back out and review the new work (addition). Hope this helps.



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Nina in Ottawa
Date/Time5/29/2020 at 8:28:39 AM

Thanks you all! Its clear now but the developer still wont agree to add the extra outlwt to make me able to extend my counter top 70 cm...

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