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Posted by: from Maple
5/17/2017 at 3:28:10 PM

What level of details do I have to ask the paint shop to

provide if I want to buy the exact paint specification in the future.

The manufacturers will always rename their products and it is very difficult

to buy the 100% exact colour (to do a patch up job say after 12 months).

I will need to know the full information that I will need to obtain when I buy my first can.

How do I do it?


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Amir from AZ Painting Ltd. in Burnaby
Date/Time5/17/2017 at 4:29:36 PM

Hello Martin,

Normally if you take your old paint can in to the

store then they would be able to perform a color matched to the color that is inside the can.

When a product is not available or discontinued a Senior employee would be able to tweak the color to match it exactly so the color matches, although the product is different. This requires experience and knowledge.

Also, the sheen of the product can have an different look and for that reason it is always best to keep an can of the desired colors after the project is completed.

Do keep in mind that touching up a section after many years would still be very noticeable as you are dealing with old paint VS new coat that is applied.

Hope this helps.

AZ Painting Ltd.

Amir Z.

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Date/Time5/17/2017 at 5:06:34 PM

With a number of companies you can create a profile in store which will log the exact colours you might choose for a room, also if you save the paint cans most have a scan bar on them that if you bring to the store they can scan and reproduce.

Also, most paint colours have a tint code on them that if saved can also be used to track the colours for your different rooms!

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Branden from Dynamo Coatings in Edmonton
Date/Time5/17/2017 at 6:32:35 PM

Achieving the same colour depends on what kind of tint dispenser the manufacturer or store is using, and also whether it is mixed in the can automatically or manually; for either method the colour is remembered by noting the amount of tint from each colour used in the mix.

When you note the colours you still cannot expect the exact same match, even with an automatic tint machine things can go wrong. Such as using the same mix formula, but the tints were stored at different temperatures. Although you can expect slight differences from can to can, noting the colour code would be the best option.

For touch ups a year after a painting, I would first try washing the walls with TSP or feathering in a bit of the saved paint with water and a mini roller. Touch ups may only require a sample can, although samples usually only come in eggshell. To blend in paint over a patch or sanded area, use the clover affect. --==--

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Date/Time5/17/2017 at 8:44:27 PM

Hello Martin.

Paint 'ages' and may not always work patching up after 12 mos. Behr Marquis usually has the colour mix formula on the lid with the name of the colour for future reference. Most paint stores have a cross reference for all other manufacturer's colour names & formulas. When touching up, feather out all the edges to make it less noticeable. If you have an existing colour to match, there are hand held scanners available. Myself I go to a paint store that have experience matching colours with the naked eye, with a 2" square sample I cut out.

Hope this helps you out.

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