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Posted by: from Cochrane
3/5/2008 at 10:22:50 PM

I am wondering if most painters charge an hourly rate or by the square foot? I am starting out in this business and am running into some inconsistancies in terms of how I figure out my rates. Any suggestions from seasoned painters?

Thankyou Krista.

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Freddy Painter Renovator in Toronto
Date/Time3/17/2008 at 6:48:47 PM

hi, Krista,

Normally as a beginner you will spent more time then a experienced painter.

First of all , you need to figure out how much time it will take for each room apart , prepwork included. I make a detailed estimate and figure out the time for the ceiling, the walls and the trim for each room apart.

As a beginner I would suggest that you then make a price for labour between 15 to 20 dollar per hour.

You need also to know the price of the paint and how much paint to use for each room. Don't forget primer if needed.

You add the price of labour and paint together so you have the price for each room.

In the beginning you will make mistakes with estimating, then you need to stick to your price or explain the client the mistake . Some clients will understand , but others not. It is important to stick to your price and not to loose the client.

I hope this is helpfull to you

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Krista in Cochrane
Date/Time4/3/2008 at 10:12:51 PM

Thanks Freddie, your advice helps.

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Painting by Hart in Victoria
Date/Time6/30/2008 at 9:59:37 PM

Hi Krista:

Every job will be different. I never charge by the square footage.

1 - You have to take in account how much prep work has to be done.

2- How much cutting has to be done. (you can spend as much time in a little room with many angles then in a very large room with straight ceiling walls and baseboard cutting.

Will you need equipment that is specialized.

And I agree that in the beginning it will take you a very long time to finish a job compared to a seasoned painter.

I usually look at the room charge so much for the ceiling, then add on the walls and then the trim. And figure out how much material I will need.

Remember a better quality paint & applicators will cover better, go further, easier to use and will give a better result.

Good luck

Nancy Hart

Painting by Hart

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