Permission for Wet bar in Basement in Brampton

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Posted by: from Brampton
7/29/2019 at 8:17:15 PM


I purchased a property in Brampton which I will be using for my family use. The house has finished basement with separate entrance feom backyard, one bedroom, a full washroom and kitchen (with fridge, sink, counter top and cabinets but no stove).

While I was merely replacing the old windows of the basement, one of my neighbour complained to the city. Inspector came and asked me to get permit of whatever is already constructed in the basement by previous owner. Fare enough.

But I 've been told by one of the neighbour that city will not approve basement kitchen sink, counter top, fridge in basement and cabinets in kitchen. They will ask me to tear down all. The reason I got is because city suspects that I will rent it as a separate apartment.

I am ready to sign schedule A that i will not rent the basement or use it as separate second dwelling. I don't want to rip the complete kitchen in basement, as i want to put a wet bar there.

Do I still need to tear off the complete kitchen in the basement?

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Date/Time7/30/2019 at 1:16:38 AM

I don't believe the City can tell you you're not permitted to have a wet bar; the dividing line is always stove or no stove. The most they should be able to do is make sure your plumbing and electrical satisfy Code, and periodically inspect your home to see that it's not being used as a separate suite. If you happen to be a follower of Mike Holmes's series, you can see how this works when he does basement developments in Ontario which is no different than here in Alberta.

With regard to the back yard entry you haven't said whether this was something the previous owner did as well; if so this is something the City could find very objectionable and ask you to return to original.

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Date/Time7/30/2019 at 7:33:38 AM

Good morning,

From my experience you should not have to remove the cabinets or anything else, except maybe a stove and hoodfan. The building department will likely want to make sure it's not an apartment, as you mentioned. So, if you're submitting plans for a permit make sure you do the following: don't call the space a kitchen anywhere on the plans but call it a wet bar or servery, make sure there is no stove or hoodfan on the plans or in the space. If anyone asks, make sure they know the space is for personal use as a recroom with a wet bar. We do most of our building in Dufferin County and I have little experience with Brampton (so I could be wrong with this advice) but I wouldn't tear anything out until specifically told to by the building department people.

Good luck


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Sukh in Brampton
Date/Time7/30/2019 at 10:06:26 AM

Thanks Ian & Paul

The separate entrance was also made by previous owner. I asked him about the construction and he said that separate entrance was done to the code but without taking permit. The motive for getting a separate entrance was because his old aged father used that basement for certain activities. prior to construction of separate entrance, the only entrance and exit from the basement was a door from the kitchen of the main floor.

he said, if there is a fire in the kitchen on the main floor, his old aged father wont be able to fastly climb the stairs and move out of the house avoiding the fire in the kitchen on the main floor. Neither his father was capable of throwing himself out of the egress window.

So he cut open a separate door in the basement which allows the person inside basement to move out of the building rightway in case there is a fire.

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Date/Time7/30/2019 at 6:34:48 PM

The basement exit as well as the other basement alterations will require all permits starting with development as you probably know already.

It's possible that because of the basement exit your neighbors will receive notification from the development department and will be given an opportunity to object to the development (if the city doesn't tell you outright that it wont be accepted).

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