Pool Deck Post Saddles

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Posted by: from Dartmouth
5/9/2012 at 12:16:55 PM

We are building a pool deck; we have hired a contractor to install the sonotubes/concrete footings. The contractor quoted post saddles; I asked them about making sure the saddles are aligned properly. They indicated that it is very difficult to keep them in line and they are now saying the saddles are not required.

Question: Are the column saddles required or not? They indicated they build decks without them and just rest the 6"x6" pressure treated columns on the poured concrete footings.

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Date/Time5/9/2012 at 3:37:01 PM

Yes saddles are required, they keep the posts in position and are required by most codes. A piece of string and tape measure is all you need to install them in a straight line.

If your contractor builds decks with no saddles, and can't even install them straight, FIRE HIM NOW, you'll be better off.

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Date/Time5/9/2012 at 4:52:29 PM

James is right Trent! Saddles are necessary to keep that deck in place. Sounds like they have already poured the concrete and are trying to cut corners. If he quoted you on the saddles to be installed he needs to install them.

Also sounds like you don't have a permit on that job which is bad news as well. James is right saying fire him off the job. Your wasting time and money with that contractor.


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Date/Time5/10/2012 at 11:21:34 PM

"If your contractor builds decks with no saddles, and can't even install them straight, FIRE HIM NOW, you'll be better off. " Lol, I couldn't agree more. That is the most basic part of the deck building process. Any good builder knows that layout is key to a successfull, and visually appealing job.

If the footings are already poured, you can still buy bolt down saddles which have a hole in the center so a 1/2" concrete lag can be drilled in place.

Again, I agree with James, I would not go forward with using this builder.


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